Bernie Sanders Applauds the Gaming Industry’s Push for Unionization – This Week in Tech – 06/23/2019

Bernie Sanders Applauds the Gaming Industry’s Push for Unionization

For the past few years, game developers have increasingly sought to unionize amid growing concerns over layoffs and burnout in the industry — and, today, Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders applauded their efforts…

Facebook Removed From S&P List of Ethical Companies After Data Scandals

Poor governance and privacy concerns have knocked Facebook out of an influential ethics index that tracks socially responsible companies.

Minnesota Cop Awarded $585,000 After Colleagues Snooped on Her DMV Data

In 2013, Amy Krekelberg received an unsettling notice from Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources: An employee had abused his access to a government driver’s license database and snooped on thousands of people in the state, mostly women. Krekelberg learned that she was one of them…

The Google Healthcare AI Was Shown a Picture of a Cat – It Was “100% Positive” It Was Guacamole

BOSTON — Artificial intelligence is often hailed as a great catalyst of medical innovation, a way to find cures to diseases that have confounded doctors and make health care more efficient, personalized, and accessible.

Ajit Pai Is Still Withholding Facts About Location-Data Abuse From His Own Commissioners

Democratic commissioners at the FCC are still in the dark when it comes the agency’s ongoing investigation into the unauthorized sale of Americans’ geolocation data, Gizmodo has learned…

Prisons Are Banning Books That Teach Prisoners How to Code

The Oregon Department of Corrections has banned prisoners from reading a number of books related to technology and programming, citing concerns about security…

AI Can Now Detect Deepfakes by Looking for Weird Facial Movements

Here’s a scenario that’s becoming increasingly common: you see that a friend has shared a video of a celebrity doing or saying something on social media. You watch it, because you’re only human, and something about it strikes you as deeply odd. Not only is Jon Snow from Game of Thrones apologizing for the writing on the show’s last season, but the way his mouth is moving just looks off…

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