This Week in Tech – 9/03/2017

Stop Trying to Kill the Headphone Jack

Over a year ago, I wrote about how phone makers were starting to do away with headphone jacks

Trump Cybersecurity Advisors Resign, Citing His ‘Insufficient Attention’ to Threats

A quarter of the members of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, whose purview includes national cybersecurity, have resigned

Comcast Sues Vermont to Avoid Building 550 Miles of New Cable Lines

Vermont is trying to make Comcast bring TV and Internet to unserved areas

Uber to Stop Controversial Tracking of Users After Their Trips Have Ended

The company says wants to focus on privacy and transparency

Cummins Beats Tesla to the Punch by Revealing Electric Semi Truck

Diesel engine stalwart shows sleek electric big rig designed for short hauls

SanDisk Crams 400GB Into a microSD Card

That means it can hold up to 40 hours of full HD video, in case you were wondering

Rural America Is Building Its Own Internet Because No One Else Will

Big Telecom has little interest in expanding to small towns and farmlands, so rural America is building its own solutions

One thought on “This Week in Tech – 9/03/2017

  • September 3, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    Good lord, yes. Please stop trying to kill the headphone jack.


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