2018 Best Tech Startups in Lincoln

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Lincoln, Nebraska. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to:

  1. Revenue potential
  2. Leadership team
  3. Brand/product traction
  4. Competitive landscape

Additionally, all companies must be independent (unacquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

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1. opendorse


Founded: 2012

“opendorse is the athlete marketing platform that helps the biggest brands in sports share content on social. Founded by two former major college athletes, opendorse was built seeking to make it easy for athletes and brands to work together to engage their fans.”

2. Travefy


Founded: 2012

“We provide tools for travel professionals to create experiences their customers love.

Travefy builds itinerary management and client communication tools for travel professionals that save time and impress clients.

Our tools currently power thousands of travel businesses ranging from independent travel advisors and operators to the largest travel management companies. Travefy has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and FastCompany among other publications and won the Brand USA Marketing Innovation Award at Phocuswright 2015 among other awards.”

3. Elite Form

elite form

Founded: 2011

“EliteForm creates integrated technologies that provide the next competitive edge in athletic performance, strength training, competition, and sports science. From motion capture technology used to measure athletic movement to motivational tools designed to improvement performance, EliteForm helps you understand more and get more from your athletes time in the weight room.”

4. Nobl


Founded: 2012

“At Nobl, we’re passionate about building leading-edge rounding solutions that improve communication, workflow, and common processes for healthcare providers. Our applications combine evidence-based hourly and leader rounding practices with real-time technologies to improve clinical outcomes, enhance the patient experience, and revolutionize the way quality assurance is communicated in healthcare.

We believe that by empowering care providers with intelligent solutions, patients will have a superior experience and clinical outcomes. Together with our clients, we serve people in the common quest for better healthcare delivery.

At Nobl, we’re Empowering Care.”

5. Powderhook


Founded: 2013

“Powderhook’s mission is ‘Access for All.’ That means access for new hunters, anglers and shooters; for parents and their children; for neighbors who haven’t been out in the field for years; and for you.

Powderhook works with the nation’s leading conservation organizations, retailers and manufacturers, bringing the industry together to solve some of its most important challenges.

Think of Powderhook like a localized message board, with a community of people looking to help each other out.

With the Powderhook app you’ll discover:

  • People near you willing to help you
  • Digital Mentors willing to help make your next trip easier and more fun
  • Free maps for public land in all 50 states, plus thousands of depth contours for lakes and rivers
  • Thousands of outdoor events curated just for you
  • Fun and interesting local content you can’t get anywhere else”

6. Boutique Window

boutique window

Founded: 2012

“Boutique Window is a simple online marketing platform for independent retailers. Whether you are 100% online or have brick and mortar locations, Boutique Window makes it easy to stay top of mind with your shoppers, drive more traffic and get more sales.

  • Engage shoppers with our library of 1,000s of pre-designed creatives and social content. Updated weekly.
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram with on click.
  • Create beautiful emails in minutes (really!).
  • Showcase and share your merchandise online.
  • Schedule your social posts and emails in advance using Boutique Window’s content calendar. We’ll make sure you know what’s coming up with timely content tips.

Boutique Window is your all-in-one marketing solution. Save time, create beautiful social content and always know what to say to engage your shoppers online.”

7. Hip Pocket

hip pocket

Founded: 2013

“Hip Pocket has developed unique, patent-pending apps that help people make better financial decisions in just two minutes.

Our first web app (Hip Pocket) allows a financial institution to give its customers and prospects a free analysis of their mortgage, auto loan, or retirement account. They will see where they stand compared to their peers and – by accessing the bank’s real time rates – what the user can do about it!

The end result is new loans for the institution, savings for the customers and prospects, and more trust between both parties. With a low price point and quick payback period, this app will make an immediate impact at your institution.”

8. Bluestem Fiber

bluestem fiber

Founded: 2015

Faster Internet for Everyone
Bluestem Fiber was organized on the premise that broadband internet connectivity delivered via fiber, at a reasonable price and available to the entire community, is no longer a luxury but a quality of life standard that communities large and small must have to attract and grow their population.”

9. Quantified Ag

Quantified Ag

Founded: 2014

“Quantified Ag is a precision livestock analytics company. Think FitBit for cattle! This makes the beef supply better by providing feedlot workers with the tools to identify sick animals sooner and more accurately. Through early detection, Quantified Ag’s technology helps dramatically reduce costs by lowering re-treatment rate and death loss, and getting animals back to peak performance faster.”