Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 03/20/23

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China have been caught using fake profiles to gather information. But the platform’s tools to weed them out only go so far.”

“Plus, AI chatbots are here to take over the workforce. Here’s my take on why it’s not such a great idea. Why spend taxpayer dollars on cable when there’s Starlink satellites already here? I also have the reason why the world still uses floppy disks, how to cool down your laptop when it overheats (pro tip: not in the freezer), the clever way to see who gets your email and surveys that can make you a ton of cash.”

“Almost every service we use on the internet is basically a platform for advertising, especially search engines. Advertisers pay to get their sites at the top of search results, have their businesses show up on digital maps or populate their products at the top of shopping carousel pages. The search engine companies are not only paid, but get data about what users want, which they can then turn around and use to sell more advertising. But how does all this work if, as chat-based artificial intelligence permeates web search, the results become less like a big list and more like a one-on-one conversation? That’s where it looks like Microsoft and Google are headed with their Bing and Bard chatbots. Marketplace’s Meghan McCarty Carino spoke with Garrett Johnson, assistant professor of marketing at Boston University, about how this new approach could really shake up the online ad space.”

“Data leaders play a critical role in driving innovation and growth in various industries, and this is particularly true in highly regulated industries such as aviation. In such industries, data leaders face unique challenges and opportunities, working to balance the need for innovation with strict regulatory requirements. This week’s guest is Derek Cedillo, who has 27 years of experience working in Data and Analytics at GE Aerospace. Derek currently works as a Senior Manager for GE Aerospace’s Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics division, having previously worked as the Senior Director for Data Science and Analytics.”

“This week on The Exit: From a young age Marty Fahncke had an entrepreneurial drive, as a kid he started a bike refurbishment business. And this entrepreneurial spirit never left Marty, who now looks at businesses to acquire every day. Before he got into M&A Advisory, he was involved in a number of exits, and the knowledge he has gained from those exits is invaluable. Marty’s first exit was entirely unplanned and if he could do it again he might not have taken the first cash offer. The next business he built was one of the first dot com businesses to advertise on TV, a groundbreaking move at the time. When the business found itself coming up against a competitor, instead of going head-to-head, Marty acquired that competitor and within two years the business grew from generating $1.5M in revenue to $30M. Today, Marty has assessed nearly 2,000 businesses as a M&A Advisor and has incredible advice for any aspiring exiter. Listen to find out what common mistake many business owners are making when preparing to exit.”

“Today’s guest is Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal and best-selling author of Girl Boss, who is known for her resilience in the face of adversity. From her challenging background and struggles, to the launch of Nasty Gal, Sophia’s journey has been marked by setbacks and comebacks.”

“Your intuition says that control is the ladder you climb to improve your career. But most great leaders tend to do one thing: the opposite of increasing control.”

“Silicon Valley leaders and Capitol Hill lawmakers are developing an unusual bicoastal alliance . The group is pushing against China’s presence in the U.S. tech sector, and is meeting just days before TikTok’s CEO is scheduled to testify before Congress. WSJ reporter Georgia Wells joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss who’s leading the group and why they are concerned.”

“It is time for some lightning topics and we go big on AI with GPT-4, infused ChatGPT everywhere, and we answer your questions from the past few months! Oh… and Sauna… and SVB discussion!”

“In this insightful discussion, the two participants explore the evolving relationship between AI and cybersecurity. The conversation covers a range of topics, from AI and machine learning (ML) tools in cyber defense and penetration testing to A/B testing in cyber attacks. The conversation also covers the challenges of AI and cybersecurity research and the maturity of AI-powered tools in the field. The conversation culminates in valuable advice for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs), as well as thoughts on the future of AI in cybersecurity, including the potential for cognitive attacks and the spread of misinformation.”