Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 04/03/23

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“Insights from Deaf and autistic communities could finally make office spaces better for everyone.”

“The concept of literate programming, or the idea of programming in a document, was first introduced in 1984 by Donald Knuth. And as of today, notebooks are now the defacto tool for doing data science work. So as the data tooling space continues to evolve at breakneck speed, what are the possible directions the data science notebook can take?

In this episode of DataFramed, we talk with Dr. Jodie Burchell, Data Science Developer Advocate at JetBrains, to find out how data science notebooks evolved into what they are today, what her predictions are for the future of notebooks and data science, and how generative AI will impact data teams going forward.”

“The once high-flying Groupon is mounting a comeback under a new interim CEO. Plus: Pioneering women across the world are making gains — there just aren’t enough of them being invited to the table. Also, a quick-hitting news rundown to start your week.”

“In this episode, I have the privilege of interviewing Julie Godin, the Co-Chair of the Board and Executive Vice-President of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development at CGI – a renowned global IT and business consulting services firm with a workforce of over 90,000 team members.

As a key leader in the company, Julie is responsible for ensuring the needs of CGI’s three stakeholders – employees, clients, and shareholders – are met through her leadership in strategic planning, marketing, communications, and M&A functions.”

“On this week’s episode of the Android Central Podcast Shruti Shekar, Jerry Hildenbrand, Nicholas Sutrich, and Michael Hicks dive into the biggest problem with wearable charging, announcements from GDC, their uncertain feelings on mixed reality headsets, PlayStation’s curious launch of the PS VR2, and so much more!”

“On this week’s episode of the Windows Central Podcast, Dan and Zac dive into some exclusive info regarding Windows Core PC, Surface Hub 2 SG2 details, the launch of Teams 2.0, the latest dire predictions regarding the future of AI, a host of new reviews, and so much more!”

“Is there still any value in specializing in front-of-the-frontend dev? Would you ever use the dialog element for a mobile navigation? Why did CodePen decide to use Go for its GraphQL server?”

“Today we look at a mental model from the field of psychophysics called Weber’s Law. This concept is a great analogy for a lot of problems we face as engineers and people leaders, and can help us understand just how deeply humans depend on context to understand the world.”

“There is so much being said about artificial intelligence these days. In order to understand this latest wave of AI, it is important to know how it works and why this moment is different from developments in the past. WSJ science reporter Eric Niiler joins host Zoe Thomas for the first installment of Tech News Briefing’s special series Artificially Minded. New episodes drop every Monday in April.”

“They did it! The Twitter Algorithm is open source! We break down how it works, what is in it, and how why you should care (or not).”