Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 05/22/23

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“With WWDC and our annual draft right around the corner, it’s time to survey the final rumors about Apple’s AR/VR headset, while also taking stock of some real accessibility developments due this fall. Also: Jason has gazed into the many faces of the Apple TV Quadbox, and Mimestream 1.0 has arrived.”

“China has banned some sales of Micron products after launching a probe into the American memory chip giant for cybersecurity risks in early April.”

“The EU fines Meta for transatlantic data transfers. FIN7 returns, bearing Cl0p ransomware. Python Package Index temporarily suspends new registrations due to a spike in malicious activity. Typosquatting and TurkoRAT. UNC3944 uses SIM swapping to gain access to Azure admin accounts. A Turla retrospective. Rick Howard tackles workforce development. Our guest is Andrew Peterson of Fastly to discuss the intricate challenges of secure software development. And the FBI was found overstepping its surveillance authorities.”

“Will McGugan’s Trogon auto-generates friendly TUIs for your CLI apps, Stability AI’s official open source variant of DreamStudio, John Calhoun writes about life after 26 years programming at Apple, Google’s news TLDs could be a boon to scammers & Pablo Meier documents a way to discuss programming languages.”

“While the streaming media landscape is crowded, it could be worse. In this episode, we look at some streaming services that didn’t stand the test of time. From platforms that were a bad idea from the start to ones that were victims of corporate mergers, we find out what went wrong.”

“Meta got hit by the biggest ever GDPR fine in Europe. A crypto project got taken over by hackers who voted themselves into power. The startup that wanted to dethrone Google is shutting down. The E-sports bubble seems to be popping. And what is it actually like to try to use Google’s new AI tools?”

“On this week’s episode of the Android Central Podcast, Shruti Shekar, Jerry Hildenbrand, Andrew Myrick, and Nick Sutrich discuss Montana’s TikTok ban, the Google Pixel Fold & why it isn’t a Pixel Flip, whether the Pixel Tablet is a Nest Hub replacement, review the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, preview upcoming PSVR 2 games, and more!”

“In this episode I speak with Jerry Hoff who provides some very interesting perspective on application security especially at scale and from a high level view like that of a CISO. Even if you’re not in a senior leadership position, you’re likely to be reporting to one. Understanding that point of view can help you successfully frame your work and accomplish your goals. We touch on multiple topics and have some great back and forth that I’m sure will entertain and inform you. Enjoy!”

“In today’s episode, Jason and Patrick dive deeply with JFrog’s Senior Solutions Engineer, Bill Manning. With the conversation tackling the depth and complexity of software supply chains, vulnerabilities and more, Bill deftly offers grounded advice to listeners old and new.”

“Operations management challenges are increasing in the digital era, requiring managers to respond faster to changes while striving to maximize employee productivity and minimize turnover. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Michael Cupps, EVP Growth North America at ActiveOps, an SS&C Blue Prism technology alliance partner, who explains how his company’s software is providing management process automation to address the dynamics of the evolving workforce.”