OpenAI’s Sora: Addressing Hollywood’s Concerns about AI in Video Production

Sam Altman of OpenAI is reassuring Hollywood executives about the potential of their latest AI tool, Sora, which generates realistic videos based on user prompts. Although not yet available to the public, Sora aims to create complex scenes with multiple characters and accurate details. Altman and OpenAI’s COO, Brad Lightcap, met with executives from major studios like Paramount, Universal, and Warner Bros. Discovery to discuss Sora’s rollout.

While some studios see potential for time and cost savings, formal agreements weren’t pursued. Concerns about AI’s impact on jobs and creativity have arisen, with filmmaker Tyler Perry expressing apprehension. Sora recently released third-party videos, showcasing flying pigs and an underwater fashion show. Competing text-to-video tools are also in development from startups like Runway and Meta’s Emu Video, along with Google’s Lumiere.