Samsung Turns on Temperature Sensor on Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung has introduced a new feature on its Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, enabling temperature tracking to offer detailed menstrual tracking for women. This new feature has been launched nearly nine months after the release of these smartwatches. Samsung Health app users in select European countries, Korea, and the US can enjoy this new feature, which is being rolled out progressively.

This new feature is different from other menstrual tracking apps, as it uses basal body temperature or BBT, which is measured as soon as the user wakes up, to determine if they are close to ovulating or starting their period. The temperature tracking feature uses infrared technology to measure temperature, and users can find it under “Cycle Tracking” in the Samsung Health app.

Samsung collaborated with Natural Cycles to offer this feature, with the fine print cautioning that this feature may not be useful for tracking ovulation if a user is taking hormonal birth control or undergoing treatment that pauses ovulation. Additionally, Samsung recommends that users consistently wear the Galaxy Watch 5 for accurate tracking.

The feature is intended for users 18 years and older, and the app evaluates symptoms as users track them in their daily log and suggests lifestyle adjustments based on their menstrual cycle. For example, the app may recommend taking a rest day after a heavy exercise or suggest stretching exercises to relieve pelvic pain.