Student Makes Custom AI Device for Cheating Tests

On Saturday, Turkish police arrested a prospective university student accused of using AI and hidden devices to cheat on a crucial entrance exam, according to reports by Reuters and The Daily Mail. The incident occurred during the TYT exam in Isparta, which determines university eligibility in Turkey. The unnamed student, now jailed pending trial, employed a sophisticated cheating system involving a camera disguised as a shirt button and AI software connected via a modem hidden in their shoe. The setup scanned exam questions and relayed them to the AI, which generated answers delivered to the student through an earpiece.

A police video demonstrated the system’s functionality, where scanned questions were answered by the AI. Another person was also detained for assisting the student, using a mobile phone for two-way communication during the exam. This incident is reminiscent of past cheating schemes using technology, such as the 1970s Eudaemons, who used a wearable computer to predict roulette outcomes in casinos. This case highlights the ongoing challenge of preventing high-tech cheating in high-stakes situations.