Swallowable Robotic Pill Enters Clinical Trials

Aiming to advance telemedicine, Endiatx’s swallowable robotic pill, PillBot, has entered clinical trials. PillBot is a remote-controlled, ingestible mini-robotic camera that can replace invasive medical procedures like upper endoscopy. About the size of a pistachio, it uses pumpjet thrusters to navigate the stomach, providing a “moving eyeball” for gastroenterologists to examine patients remotely.

CEO Torrey Smith announced that pivotal trials would start at a leading US medical institution by Q3/Q4. PillBot addresses the late diagnosis of stomach cancer by offering a less invasive, telemedicine-based solution, relieving pressure on healthcare facilities and providing wider access to top specialists. The current prototype transmits high-res video and is controlled via a smartphone app, shutting down and exiting naturally within 6-24 hours.

Endiatx envisions future AI integration for autonomous operation and broader diagnostic applications, aiming for FDA approval and a US commercial launch by early 2026.