You Only Need An Hour To Learn To Use Third Arm

A recent study conducted by researchers from Queen Mary University of London, Imperial College London, and The University of Melbourne has revealed that individuals can learn to use supernumerary robotic arms effectively in just one hour of training, similar to working with a human partner. Published in the IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology, the study aimed to explore the potential of these extra robotic arms in assisting people with tasks that require more than two hands.

The research involved 24 participants who received one hour of training on using the robotic arm or worked with a human partner. The results indicated that those who received training performed tasks just as effectively as those working with a partner. This suggests that supernumerary robotic arms could serve as a practical alternative and be quickly learned for various tasks, including surgery, industrial work, or rehabilitation. The study was funded by several grants, including EU H2020 NIMA, TRIMANUAL, and CONBOTS.