5 Best Android-Based Media Players to Run Your Digital Signage in 2021

If you are starting on digital signage, you should be thinking about the signage system, screens, and media player you will be using. However, the main issue is that digital signage tech is rapidly evolving, so knowing how to determine the best hardware option in the market can be a daunting task. Here, we will go through the absolute best digital signage players your business should consider for 2021. It will help you spend less time sorting through all sorts of Android-based media players and focus on what is essential: the strategic deployment of digital signage and creating dynamic content. With that, here are our top 5 choices for Android-based media players in 2021:

1. Google Chromecast

If you are interested in sharing the same screen and video sharing technologies, Chromecasts provide just the solution you need. Whether it is movies, TV shows, adverts, or any content, using Google Chromecast allows you to send it all to a big screen from your laptop, phone, or tablet. When used in digital signage, it can effectively present your displays conveniently and from a remote location. It will also be good news for you to learn that the latest Google Chromecast offers a complete solution to run your business. You can stream just about anything on a giant screen within and outside the store. Capturing your target audience’s attention becomes easier when the right displays are in place.

2. Look HD-2218 PRO

The Look HD-2218 PRO is an excellent media player you can’t overlook when making the right choice. This LOOK player is as good as it comes. This powerful TV box got you covered when it comes to digitizing your marketing efforts. What’s more, the media player has true plug-and-play capabilities facilitated by cloud-based CMS offered alongside the player. The hardware supports both HDR and true 4K 60fps resolution allowing you to run some attention-grabbing displays that should do your advertising a world of good.

3. Ugoos AM6 Pro

This media player is easily rootable, enabling the recommended signage functionality, making it an excellent Android device option. It comes with the high-functionality that every business needs when incorporating a digital signage solution. It has 32GB of capacity, 4GB RAM, which facilitates improved performance and supports 4k. This device also features Dual-band Wi-Fi with 2X2 MIMO allowing robust internet connectivity for streaming. It is an excellent Android-based media player to take your digital signage needs to the next level in 2021.

4. Amazon Fire TV Stick (Gen 2)

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a fantastic media player that you only need to stick into your HDTV then be streaming in minutes. Using the included Alexa voice, you should find the best way to watch across over 200 channels and apps with the universal search. You can also access many other websites using the media player. If you incorporate this media player into your digital signage solution, it should give you the convenience you need.

5. Nvidia Shield TV Pro

The Nvidia Shield TV Pro deserves to make it to this list. The plug-and-play operation, fantastic resolution, and excellent support for signage software requirements are every business owner’s dream. This player also gives you plenty of storage space. It makes it easier to update digital signs on the fly while ensuring all the information is where it needs to be. The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is quite affordable, making it an excellent choice for marketers who are on a tight budget. With this Android-based device, all your digital signage needs are well-covered to offer you the convenience you need to power your displays.

The 21st century is all about digitalization, so you would require the best digital solutions to run effective marketing. Whether you are working on a fixed budget or having cash to spare, the above five options got you covered. They are excellent additions to your corporate marketing strategy. Don’t stress yourself going through the many options of media players which the market has to offer. Considering that in 2021 you can’t afford to gamble with your business, you need to make wise choices, and the above media players should set you on the right path.