Apple Unveils M4 Chip for Next-Generation iPad Pro: Focused on AI Performance

Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro models will feature the new M4 chip, focused on enhancing AI-related tasks in iPadOS. Apple highlights the M4’s neural engine, capable of 38 trillion operations per second (TOPS), making it significantly faster than previous models. The chip, built on second-gen 3nm technology, boasts a 10-core CPU and a 10-core GPU with advanced features like dynamic caching and ray tracing.

While Apple didn’t specify the NPU core count, the M4 promises significant improvements in NPU TOPS compared to its predecessors. The announcement precedes Microsoft’s upcoming event, where they’re expected to unveil Arm-powered hardware with competitive AI capabilities. Apple’s M4 chip sets the stage for a potential showdown between Apple and Microsoft in the realm of AI-accelerated tasks.


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