Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 02/27/23

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“Twitter has become indispensable to many scientists. It is a place to share findings, raise their profile, and is even used as a source of data in many studies.

In recent months though, the site has been in turmoil after a swathe of policy changes in light of Elon Musk’s takeover. Never a stranger to misinformation and abuse, these problems have reportedly gotten worse. Additionally, the ability to use Twitter as a source of data is in peril, and malfunctions are more commonplace.

In this episode of Nature’s Take we discuss how these changes are affecting the platform and the knock-on effects on science.”

“Databases are key to almost any project, large or small. Most database systems in the cloud are designed for heavy use and the costs can get expensive quickly, but database-as-a-service is a rapidly growing area, where many databases can share the same hardware for a much reduced rate, or even for free! Sam Lambert, CEO of PlanetScale, joins Jason and Patrick to discuss database-as-a-service.”

“Sono Motors is ending its long-awaited electric car program and instead pivoting to a business that aims to sell its solar vehicle technology to other companies.”

“Mozilla researchers found that apps often provide inaccurate data use disclosures, giving people “a false sense of security.””

“In order for any data team to move from reactive to proactive and drive revenue for the business, they must make sure the basics are in place and that the team and data culture is mature enough to allow for scalable return on investment.

Without these elements, data teams find themselves unable to make meaningful progress because they are stuck reacting to problems and responding to rudimentary questions from stakeholders across the organization. This quickly takes up bandwidth and keeps them from achieving meaningful ROI.

In today’s episode, we have invited Shane Murray to break down how to effectively structure a data team, how data leaders can lead efficient decentralization, and how teams can scale their ROI in 2023.

Shane is the Field CTO at Monte Carlo, a data reliability company that created the industry’s first end-to-end Data Observability platform. Shane’s career has taken him through a successful 9-year tenure at The New York Times, where he grew the data analytics team from 12 to 150 people and managed all core data products. Shane is an expert when it comes to data observability, enabling effective ROI for data initiatives, scaling high-impact data teams, and more.

Throughout the episode we discuss how to structure a data team for maximum efficiency, how data leaders can balance long-term and short-term data initiatives, how data maturity correlates to a team’s forward-thinking ability, data democratization with data insights and reporting ROI, best practices for change management, and much more.”

“In this week’s episode of the Windows Central Podcast, Dan and Zac dive into Windows 11 Moment 2, Bing Chat AI updates, Microsoft bringing its games to GeForce Now and Nintendo, Microsoft Teams enhancements, and so much more!”

“In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about the difference between sloppy code and clean code, how to establish rules for your code base, and how to enforce your rules.”

“Meta has jumped on the blue badge bandwagon. Last week, the company announced a verification service for Facebook and Instagram at a price of $11.99 a month, per app. It’s part of a trend of social media platforms turning to user fees instead of relying just on advertising dollars. They used to say that if you’re not paying for the product, the product is you. But if you’re now paying for social media, what exactly is the product? Marketplace’s Meghan McCarty Carino spoke to Shirin Ghaffary, a correspondent at Vox, about the benefits and trade-offs of the blue badge.”

“Plus, I’ll tell you how to turn an old TV into a smart TV for $30, walk you through starting your own site, and pass along YouTube tricks only the pros know. And finally a good use for AI – no more doing laundry!”

“This week on The Exit: Adam started AdLibertas as a mobile advertising business, but after a few years, it was clear that scaling the business was hard, unless it pivoted. That’s when the company shifted focus from advertising to analyzing data to solve business problems for their clients. When it came to exiting the business, it was surprisingly easy to find a buyer. Branch, a Silicon Valley unicorn which is currently preparing for an IPO, had come to AdLibertas looking for a content partnership, but they quickly turned into a potential acquirer. When the founder of Branch wanted to get the deal done in 30 days, Adam never thought it would be possible. But the exit did happen in 30 days, and today, Adam continues to work with Branch as Head of Growth. Listen to uncover all the details.”