Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 04/17/23

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“Over the weekend, Google rolled out a patch to Google Chrome. It addresses a zero-day vulnerability. But what are zero-day vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks? We learn about the definition and history of this powerful type of hacker attack.”

“On this week’s episode of the Window’s Central Podcast, Dan and Zac discuss Windows 11 updates & controversies, a Windows 11 ‘Handheld Gaming Mode’, Microsoft bringing Windows 11 to HoloLens 2, potential AI regulations, review Dell’s UltraSharp 49 Curved Monitor & the Surface Pro 9, and more!”

“Deirdre is back with the story of Samsung considering switching from Google as its default search engine. Where’d it think about going? Microsoft Bing of course. Why ChatGPT and Bing could destabilize Google’s Search dominance.”

“New resources released Monday from a high-profile federal advisory group provide insights into the state of healthcare sector preparedness and best practices for dealing with evolving cyberthreats, according to Erik Decker, CISO of Intermountain Healthcare and co-chair of the task force.”

“The alleged Discord Papers leaker has been charged. We look at how the Papers spread online. A life lived online as a security risk. US tax season scams, at the 11th filing hour. Caleb Barlow from Cylete on the layoffs in security that many thought would never happen. Maria Varmazis and Brandon Karpf share the launch of the new space podcast, T-Minus. And KillNet says it’s open for business.”

“Netflix delayed then canned its live stream for the cast reunion of Love is Blind after running into technical faults. Does this bold ill for Netflix live streaming plans? The New York Times’ reports sources say that Samsung began considering replacing its default Galaxy phone and tablet search engine with Bing back in March. Is this a threat to Google’s mobile strategy? German artist Boris Eldagsen recently caused a ruckus after winning the creative category at the Sony World Photography Awards which he confirmed the piece was a “co-creation” of his image using AI.”

“On this week’s episode of the Android Central Podcast, Shruti Shekar, Nick Sutrich, Andrew Myrick, and Namerah Saud Fatmi discuss Google TV adding hundreds of free channels, whether Google Photos is the best image editor, YouTube Music’s quirks, Samsung’s issues with fast charging, review the Amazfit GTR Mini, and more!”

“A month ago, Adobe announced Firefly, its entry into the generative AI game. Initially, Firefly’s focus was on generating commercially safe images, but the company is now pushing its technology beyond still images.”

“Kara Deloss announces GitHub Accelerator’s 2023 cohort, Databricks releases the first open source, instruction-following LLM, fine-tuned on a human-generated instruction dataset licensed for research and commercial use, Mihai Parparita writes how he improved Tailscale thanks to Apple’s open source & Neal Fennimore asks and answers the question: Passkeys: what the heck and why?!”

“Today we’re joined by Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET. In our conversation with Ben, we explore all things AGI, including the potential scenarios that could arise with the advent of AGI and his preference for a decentralized rollout comparable to the internet or Linux. Ben shares his research in bridging neural nets, symbolic logic engines, and evolutionary programming engines to develop a common mathematical framework for AI paradigms. We also discuss the limitations of Large Language Models and the potential of hybridizing LLMs with other AGI approaches. Additionally, we chat about their work using LLMs for music generation and the limitations of formalizing creativity. Finally, Ben discusses his team’s work with the OpenCog Hyperon framework and Simuli to achieve AGI, and the potential implications of their research in the future.”