Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 06/05/23

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“On the same day, Russia’s FSB intelligence service launched wild claims of NSA and Apple hacking thousands of Russians.”

“In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about all the nothing in CSS: 0 vs 0px, no, none, hidden, initial and unset.”

“Plus, traveling soon? Take full advantage of your hotel TV with these tips. I talk with a guest on a unique mission: a digital payroll solution for an Amish business. United Airlines’ new air taxi service and how to see if your internet bill is weighing you down.”

“Last week, Amazon agreed to pay more than $30 million to settle two complaints brought by the Federal Trade Commission over allegations the company violated user privacy with its Ring video security system and Alexa audio assistant. The FTC said Amazon gave employees too much access to users’ private videos and left Ring systems open to hacking. The agency also said Amazon Alexa devices violated child privacy law by retaining kids’ voice recordings for years and that the company used consumer audio and video recordings to train algorithms without consent. Amazon, while agreeing to the proposed settlement, denied it broke any laws and said the issues had long since been addressed. Ring also released a similar statement. Marketplace’s Meghan McCarty Carino spoke with Makena Kelly, a politics reporter at The Verge, about the nonmonetary penalties facing Amazon.”

“In the realm of Applied Intelligence, Accenture leads the way in harnessing the power of data and AI to transform industries. From consumer products to life sciences, retail, and aerospace, Accenture’s influence is far-reaching. But what drives the organization? How does it navigate the complex landscape of data modernization and transformation? And more importantly, how does it leverage technology not just as an enabler, but as a catalyst for innovation?”

“From Wondery and Bloomberg, the makers of The Shrink Next Door, comes a new story of incredible wealth, betrayal, and what happens when “doing good” goes really, really bad.

When nerdy gamer Sam Bankman-Fried rocketed to fame as the world’s richest 29-year-old, he pledged to donate his billions to good causes. But when Sam’s crypto exchange FTX collapsed, billions of dollars went missing, and Sam was in handcuffs, those who knew him were left wondering — who was Sam really? A well-meaning billionaire who made a mistake? Or a calculated con man?”

“Kyle Harrison and Eric Tarczynski of Contrary Capital join Nate to discuss Finding Product Market Fit As a Venture Firm, How to Identify World-Class Founders Before Anyone Else, And Debating Whether or Not Venture Has Hit The Bottom.”

“Global regulators are concerned that if Microsoft acquires games publisher Activision Blizzard it could have an unfair advantage in the videogame industry, partly due to the popularity of Call of Duty. WSJ tech reporter Sarah Needleman joins host Zoe Thomas to explain what makes the Call of Duty franchise so successful. Plus, WSJ Pro reporter Brian Gormley discusses why patches that can deliver vaccines are attracting more investors.”

“Netflix plans to crack down on the widespread practice of password sharing among households. We discuss their new verification feature and its impact on user experience and security.”

“Josh and Kurt talk about namespaces. They were a topic in the last podcast, and resulted in a much much larger discussion for us. We decided to hash out some of our thinking in an episode. This is a much harder problem than either of us expected. We don’t have any great answers, but we do have a lot of questions.”