Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 06/12/23

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“As companies depend more on data to improve digital products and make informed decisions, it’s crucial that the data they use be accurate and reliable. MonteCarlo, the data reliability company, is the creator of the industry’s first end-to-end data observability platform.

Bar Moses and Lior Gavish are the founders of MonteCarlo and they join us today.”

“Historically in elite team sports, there has often been a dynamic between players and their inherent abilities, and the vision of the coach. In many sports, we’ve seen coaching strategies influence the future of how the game is played.

As the era of professionalism swept across many elite sports in the 90s, we saw the highest-level sports teams achieve a competitive edge by looking at the data, with sports fans often noticing a difference in the ‘feel’ of the way their team plays. In Basketball specifically, we have recently seen the rise of the 3-pointer, a riskier and much more difficult shot to accurately hit, even for professional players. But what has driven the rise of the 3-pointer? Is it another trend among coaches, or does the answer lie with data-based insights and the analysts producing these insights?”

“How do you point out things in a UI? Are Arc Boosts the end of the web? What do you think of VR and AR / Vision Pro and Meta Quest? And what do you do when the sticky header goes missing?”

“Negotiation is not about getting more of what you want out of another person. Real artful negotiation is about finding alignment, and solving the problems presented at a level of divergence.”

“It is follow up week on some topics we touched on earlier. We first break down our thoughts on C# 12’s new Collection Literals, Apple Vision Pro + iCircuit, iOS 17, and some great developer productivity feature for .NET.”

“Password managers can inform you if your login credentials have been stolen. But what if you’ve used the same password for multiple sites? WSJ reporter Dalvin Brown joins host Zoe Thomas with tips on what to do. Plus, Meta’s plan to launch a new app to compete with Twitter.”

“In episode 792 of CXOTalk, we explore AI-powered search and discovery in ecommerce with Sean Mullaney, Chief Technology Officer, of Algolia. Mullaney explains how AI and machine learning can improve customer lifetime value by enabling greater personalization in ecommerce. We also discuss vector search technology and the impact on customer experience.”

“In this exciting episode of our podcast we have the pleasure of speaking with Phillip Wylie, a remarkable professional with a captivating career in cybersecurity. Join us as we discuss Phillip’s unique journey and uncover valuable insights on breaking into the cybersecurity field. From his origins as a professional wrestler who once bravely faced off against a bear, to his evolution into a respected penetration tester, author, trainer, mentor, and public speaker, Phillip’s experiences are nothing short of extraordinary.”

“Today we are joined by Dr. David Rawaf. Dr. Rawaf is a surgeon, researcher, technologist, innovator and policy developer. As well as studying and working in both UK and US, David is involved with Imperial College WHO Collaborating Centre (for Public Health Education & Training), as well as medical writing, research and hosting conferences. David has a role as Surgical Skill Faculty and is Centre Accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons. In addition, he is an abstract and content reviewer for a number of institutions including the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation amongst a number of other scientific societies. In addition, David is the Clinical Excellence Lead for Inovus Medical, the world-leaders in high-fidelity medical and surgical simulation, and beyond this is also heavily involved in medical device & software consulting, including validation, accreditation and approval through bodies such as the FDA. David is a Co-Executive Director for the International Organization for Reconstruction for war torn-countries, and a Director for QCapital Ventures specializing in tailored start-up advice including investment acquisition, financial & business-strategy and scale up methods. [June 12, 2023]”

“Josh and Kurt talk about some new open source projects that aim to start taking back some of our privacy and rights. It’s a huge hill to climb, but it seems like there is some hope. Open source doesn’t care about growth, or numbers, or anything really, so it can’t ever lose.”