Boeing Contract Will Turn Dumb Bombs Into Smart Ones

The US Department of Defense has awarded Boeing a $7.5 billion contract to produce Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) kits for the Air Force. These kits convert free-fall bombs into guided weapons. The contract, which includes tail kits, spares, repairs, and Laser JDAM sensor kits, will be executed at Boeing’s St. Louis, Missouri facility, with deliveries expected by the end of February 2030.

The Air Force has not disclosed the number of kits to be supplied. The US Navy will also receive some kits, funded partially by foreign military sales totaling over $228 million. JDAM kits enhance bomb accuracy with Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System guidance, allowing precise strikes from up to 15 miles away. Advanced versions, like Laser JDAM, offer higher accuracy against moving and maritime targets.

JDAMs are valued for their adaptability and effectiveness, having been extensively used by the US military and allies, with over half a million kits produced. The contract comes amid global tensions, ensuring the US armed forces maintain sufficient munitions and strategic superiority.