China Unveils World’s Fastest Internet with 1.2 Terabit per Second Speed

China claims to have developed the world’s fastest internet with the introduction of a next-generation fiber internet service that surpasses global expectations. The backbone network spans over 3,000 kilometers and can transmit data at 1.2 terabits per second, exceeding rivals like the US and South Korea. This speed allows the network to send 150 4K movies in less than a second and transmit Netflix’s global content library in under half an hour.

The achievement, part of China’s Future Internet Technology Infrastructure (FITI) project, defies industry predictions, as experts expected ultra-high-speed networks of 1 terabit per second by 2025. The FITI project, initiated in 2013, reflects China’s commitment to technological independence and reducing reliance on foreign components. All software and hardware for the system are domestically produced.