EU Forces Companies to Give Extra Year Repair Guarantee

The European Parliament and Council have reached a provisional agreement on legislation to strengthen right-to-repair laws, following a previous overwhelming vote in favor back in November. One notable provision is extending the warranty period by 12 months after a product is repaired under warranty, with the option for EU member states to extend it further. This could incentivize people to repair their gadgets, adding an extra year of peace of mind. Additionally, manufacturers will be required to provide spare parts details on their website and make them available at a reasonable price to repair sector parties.

Manufacturers will also be prohibited from restricting the use of second-hand or 3D-printed spare parts by independent repairers. The legislation mandates timely and reasonably priced repairs by manufacturers, with consumers retaining the choice between repair and replacement for defective products under warranty. It also introduces a standardized repair information form for small repair businesses and plans for an online repair platform listing repair services in the EU. Overall, the legislation aims to simplify repairs in Europe and could potentially influence similar measures in other markets.