EU: Replaceable Phone Batteries Required by 2027

The European Union (EU) has approved new rules regarding rechargeable batteries sold within the EU. The rules require a carbon footprint declaration, label, and digital passport for electric vehicle batteries, light means of transport batteries, and rechargeable industrial batteries. For portable batteries used in devices like smartphones and tablets, manufacturers will need to design them to be easily removable and replaceable by consumers.

This will impact companies like Apple, which already had to switch to a USB-C port on iPhones due to EU regulations. The rules also establish targets for waste collection and material recovery from old batteries, with increasing percentages to be achieved by 2031. The European Parliament overwhelmingly endorsed the new rules, and they are expected to go into effect in early 2027, with a possibility of delay if manufacturers require more time to comply. The European Parliament will also evaluate the phase-out of non-rechargeable portable batteries by the end of 2030.