Police Robots Patrol Singapore Airport

Singapore’s main international airport, Changi Airport, is permanently deploying police robots after a successful trial period. The wheel-based robots are equipped with cameras, sensors, a display panel, and a siren. They can move autonomously through airport lounges and have built-in speakers for remote communication with nearby individuals. Microphones are also included for travelers to easily contact human officers if assistance is needed.

The robots are 5 foot, 7 inches tall but can extend higher using a mast with a camera to provide a clear view for the police operations room. Two robots have already been deployed at Changi Airport Terminal 4, and there are plans to use them in other parts of Singapore as well. Superintendent Lim Ke Wei of the Airport Police Division stated that the robots enhance the operational efficiency and capabilities of officers. Police departments worldwide have been experimenting with robotic technology to assist human officers in their daily duties, such as the recent deployment of robots by the New York Police Department.