Neuralink Marks Milestone with Brain-Chip Implant in First Human

Elon Musk has announced that the first human recipient of Neuralink’s brain-chip implant is recovering well. The US FDA had previously granted clearance for the human trial of the implant. Musk revealed promising initial results of neuron spike detection, without providing detailed information. The first Neuralink product, called Telepathy, aims to enable control of devices through thought, initially benefiting those with limb loss.

Despite Musk’s history of ambitious promises, experts consider this a significant milestone. Neuralink’s trial, called Prime, focuses on the safety and functionality of the wireless brain-computer interface. While Musk teased future products like Blindsight, Neuralink recently faced fines for violating transportation rules. The company’s value was estimated at $5 billion in June 2023.