Philips Creates Monitor with Attached “Kindle” Display

The Philips 24B1D5600 is a 23.8-inch monitor with a 75Hz refresh rate and 250 nits brightness, but what sets it apart is the 13.3-inch E-ink display stuck to the side that can be angled up to 45 degrees via hinges. The E-ink display connects to the main unit via USB-C and is intended for static text to improve productivity. The main monitor unit has several connectivity options, including DP 1.2, USB Type-A hub, and USB-C input that supports USB PD 3.0 up to 90W. It’s currently available in China for around $850, while the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist laptop, which has a color E-ink display embedded in its twisting lid, will start at $1,649 when it launches in June.