Smart Weapon Safeguards Against Headshots in Civil Unrest

FN Herstal, a firearms manufacturer, has developed the Smart ProtectoR-303T, a less-than-lethal weapon designed to combat civil unrest while minimizing the risk of serious injury. This gun fires 12.55mm FN SP caliber cartridges with elastomer rounds and operates at a range of 5 to 25 meters using compressed air. It is intended for law enforcement for purposes like crowd control, dealing with social disturbances, and ensuring public safety during large events.

The key innovation lies in its electro-optical sights, equipped with an onboard camera and imaging software that can detect whether the weapon is aimed at a human head in real-time. If it detects this, it issues a visual and audible warning and locks the trigger mechanism. The camera also records images during firing, which can be useful for reviews or legal cases. Additionally, the sight can be used for pre-mission training with a specialized app and projector display. This weapon seeks to strike a balance between deterrence and minimizing injury during civil disturbances. It is set to be unveiled at the MILIPOL Paris 2023 trade show.