Tile Releases Three-Year Battery Life Cat Tag

Tile, a popular tracking device company, has launched a new product designed specifically for cat owners: “Tile for Cats”. This device is similar to the Tile Sticker but comes with a silicone collar attachment to track your cat’s movements. According to the company, the Tile for Cats’ battery life will last up to three years and can be easily replaced. The tracker has a range of 250 feet and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Tile for Cats is not only useful for finding your cat if they are lost but can also be helpful if they are hiding in an “obscure place”. The device is water-resistant and includes integration with voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, making it easy to find your cat using voice commands.

The Tile for Cats package includes a Tile Sticker and a collar attachment that can stretch up to 1.7 times without breaking. The attachment is compatible with almost all standard cat collars, and the device is water-resistant, so a few droplets of liquid or a cat licking it won’t affect it.

This is Tile’s first foray into pet products, and the company has hinted that it considers pets part of the “family.” The move is also a clever ploy to offer a low-cost Bluetooth-based tracking solution for a specific niche. While GPS-based trackers are available starting from the $50 base price, Tile’s device costs roughly $40, making it a more affordable option.

However, compared to Apple’s AirTag, which costs $29 and requires an additional purchase to attach it to a pet collar, Tile’s device is more expensive. Additionally, AirTag has a larger “finding network,” as it leverages Apple’s vast network of 2+ billion iPhones and other Apple devices worldwide, while Tile is limited to Life360’s user base.

Tile for Cats is available in black and white on Tile’s website.