US Air Force Deploys Microwave Missiles to Target Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

The US Air Force has quietly deployed a new type of missile, known as the Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP), which can destroy the electronics of Iran’s nuclear facilities using high-power microwaves without causing fatalities. Developed by Boeing’s Phantom Works for the US Air Force Research Laboratory, these air-launched cruise missiles are equipped with an electromagnetic pulse cannon that generates a concentrated beam of high-power microwave energy.

This energy can incapacitate computer chips and electronic systems, rendering targeted facilities inoperable. The CHAMP missiles have been operational since around 2019, with the capability to penetrate buried bunkers and disable defensive radar systems, making them difficult to detect and intercept. This technology offers a stealthy option for the US military to counter threats like Iran’s nuclear program through electronic disruption rather than direct force.