2020 Best Tech Startups in Albuquerque

Powered by CrunchbaseThe Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to:

  1. Revenue potential
  2. Leadership team
  3. Brand/product traction
  4. Competitive landscape

Additionally, all companies must be independent (unacquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

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1. Lavu


Founded: 2010

Also honored in:

“Lavu Inc. was formed around the idea of using technology to create products that improve the lives of small business owners. Our cloud-based iPad point of sale system offers all the functionality of a traditional system, with all the customizability and flexibility modern technology provides.

We also care about the quality of our employee’s lives, which is why we provide daily lunches, convenient work hours, and an all around exciting environment to work.”

2. Snowball


Founded: 2011

Also honored in: 2019 Best Tech Startups in New Mexico

“Snowball is an express payment technology company that makes it easy to pay, give, or buy on a mobile device. The Snowball platform allows anyone to make a donation or a payment with just 2 clicks — anytime, anywhere. This patented 2-click payment experience is simple, safe and secure and requires no annoying logins or passwords. Best of all, the payment experience is the same for email, text, and mobile web!”

3. AdWallet


Founded: 2017

Also honored in:

“AdWallet is a free app (available for download August 1st) that pays its users $.50 every time they watch a TV ad (and prove they’ve watched it). AdWallet also pays them an additional $.25 when they share it on social media.

AdWallet enables advertisers to finally:

  • Be 100% certain their ad was seen by their key target audience.
  • Be 100% certain their target audience paid full attention to the ad.
  • Be 100% certain when they download an offer, link or information.
  • Be 100% certain when the offer was redeemed in their store.”

4. BabyPage


Founded: 2015

Also honored in:

“BabyPage is an online platform and app that makes it fun and easy for parents to capture and track their children’s milestones. BabyPage prompts parents with questions dictated by the age of the child and time of year, and our natural language algorithm auto-creates content, making it easy to capture every stage of childhood. Parents capture milestones, growth, travel, and more within their BabyPage dashboard, and they can combine any of that content into a printed book. BabyPage Light is free and BabyPage Plus is a premium version paid via subscription.”

5. CityLife


Founded: 2009

Also honored in:

“APPCityLife®, Inc., connects people with cities through a complete end-to-end mobile and cloud platform where cities, developers, civic hackers, nonprofits, schools and enterprise can publish robust mobile apps and chatbots with seamless Open Data integration and normalization. The CityLife® platform is powerful enough to support rapid prototyping for experienced coders and developers while also being easily accessible to those without any previous coding experience. APPCityLife empowers individuals to create solutions and develop mobile apps which address barriers to access and remove friction from interactions which they’ve identified within their own community. Our mobile app templates are fully native and open source to quickly share solutions between agencies and cities. Our team supports STEM education initiatives from early education to higher education; we partner with schools, continuing education programs, STEM-focused groups, and adult education institutions.”

6. Caringcent


Founded: 2015

“The goal of having a solid base of monthly supporters for your cause is a no-brainer. The difficult part is how to achieve this! The CaringCent platform is designed to grow and engage your monthly donor base. Our innovative programs keep your donors connected and informed through regular impact communications, are quick and simple for your nonprofit staff to implement and maintain. To learn how we can help you grow and nurture monthly donors, please email us at [email protected] or visit our website for more information.”

7. AddMi


Founded: 2016

“Addmi is an app for connecting with your local community instantly. Being that is a businesses or people it will be fast and easy. There is no need to have a business card or loyalty card etc anymore. With addmi, your life is simplify, you can connect with people with one click and do nothing to claim any deals or coupon from businesses.

Whether you’re going to event, meeting or just walking by businesses, there’s an addmi for every occasion. addmi can be use anywhere in the worldwide—download the app and connect with people and business near you today!”