Advancements in SSD Technology Point Toward 1PB Capacities

Samsung predicts that single SSD capacities could reach 1PB within the next decade, building on their prototype 128TB SSD showcased at the 2022 Flash Memory Summit. Despite Samsung launching a 128TB SSD with proprietary controller and Silicon Motion offering a compatible controller, such large SSDs remain uncommon.

At CES 2024, Phison displayed SSDs and controllers, including their X2 enterprise SSD platform, which supports capacities up to 128TB. Featuring PCIe Gen5x4 Dual-Port, TSMC 12nm Process, and 16-Channels, the X2 boasts impressive performance metrics and comes in U.2, E3.S form factors. While Phison hasn’t heavily publicized the X2, its emergence suggests a trend toward larger SSD capacities becoming more prevalent, even as 1PB drives remain a distant prospect for now.