Protein Biomarkers Predict Dementia 15 Years in Advance

Scientists have conducted the largest study to date on protein biomarkers that can predict dementia up to 15 years before diagnosis. Published in Nature Aging, the research analyzed blood samples from 52,645 healthy participants collected between 2006 and 2010. Using machine learning, researchers identified 11 proteins that, when combined into a panel, accurately predicted dementia onset. Incorporating traditional risk factors like age and genetics, the predictive model showed over 90% accuracy.

This breakthrough offers potential for community-based dementia screening programs, aiding early diagnosis critical for effective treatment. Lead author Professor Jianfeng Feng highlights the potential for future drug development targeting these identified proteins, while co-author Professor Wei Cheng underscores the non-invasive nature of proteomic biomarkers, contrasting with previous invasive methods.