Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 02/20/23

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“Web3 gaming company Unagi today announced a €4.7 million ($5 million) seed round of funding, as the French startup prepares to expand its NFT fantasy sports platform beyond football (“soccer”) and into the basketball realm.”

“Biden’s speech calling for better data protections got a standing ovation from both sides of the aisle. So, where’s a federal privacy law?”

“In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about the reasons why you should log errors, how it’s not just for debugging, where to save logs, and apps and packages to help with logging.”

“This is a special bonus episode from our Founder Stories series, where entrepreneurs share the story of their startup journey.

A delivery with Zipline is the closest thing we have to teleportation. It sounds like science fiction, but Zipline delivers life saving medical supplies such as blood and vaccines to hospitals, doctors and people in need around the world with the world’s largest autonomous drone network.

This week on the podcast, Sarah Guo talks to Keller Rinaudo Cliffton, the co-founder and CEO of Zipline, about building a full-stack business that involves software, hardware and operations, how a culture of ruthless engineering practicality enabled them to do unlikely things, the state of autopilot in aircraft, their AI acoustic detect-and-avoid system, and why founders should build for users beyond the “golden billion.””

“The most common application for data science is to solve problems within your own organization, and as professionals become more data literate, they rely less and less on others to solve their problems and unlock professional growth and career advancement.

But in the world of consulting, data science is used to solve other people’s problems, which adds an additional layer of complexity since consultants aren’t always given all of the tools they need to do the job right.

Enter Pratik Agrawal, a Partner at Kearney Analytics leading the automotive and industrial transportation sector. In this episode, we are taking a look at how data science is applied in the consulting industry and what skills are critical to be a successful data science consultant.

As a software engineer and data scientist with over a decade of experience in the consulting world at companies like Boston Consulting Group and IRI, Pratik has a deep understanding of how to navigate the industry and how data science can be leveraged in it, as well as expertise in digital transformation projects and strategy.

Throughout the episode, we discuss common problems that consultants encounter, the skills needed to be successful as a consultant, the different approaches to analytics in consulting versus in an organization, how to handle context switching when juggling multiple projects, what makes consulting feel exciting and challenging, and much more.”

“Zach Lawryk is Head of Solutions Consulting @ Rippling, what is solutions consulting? They are the product expert in the solution that ties a business value to help support the sales rep in the execution of their quota. And there is no one better than Zach, prior to leading the solutions consulting team at Rippling, Zach was VP of Solutions Consulting at Slack where he scaled the SE team from 10 to 200. Before Slack, Zach was Head of Solutions Engineering @ Optimizely and before that was Director of Sales Engineering at Box.”

“TMO Managing Editor Jeff Butts joins Ken to discuss stories that may speak to sentiment around Apple, and social media’s plans to nickel and dime users for security. Plus – A vote of confidence for Mastodon from Apple.”

“Native AOT can be used for more than just making super fast apps… you can compile your libraries down to C and use them anywhere!”

“Dave Bittner had a conversation with Commander Brandon Campbell of US Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command and Captain Steve Correia, Commanding Officer of Naval Network Warfare Command. They discussed the Navy’s cybersecurity advances and how they have implemented them.

Commander Brandon Campbell is the former Operations Director at Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command and Task Force 1020 where they protect, detect, and respond to global cyber threats against Navy networks.

Captain J. Steve Correia is the Commanding Officer of Naval Network Warfare Command and the Commander of Task Force 1010 under the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Cyber Command where they execute tactical-level command and control to direct, operate, maintain and secure Navy communication and network systems.”

“Reddit announced that it was the victim of a phishing attack aimed at its employees, resulting in unauthorized access to internal documents, code, and some unspecified business systems.

Advice on managing device location-tracking settings to ensure you’re not sharing your location inadvertently.

The case of former Ubiquiti employee, Nickolas Sharp, who pled guilty to multiple felony charges after orchestrating a security breach, stealing data, and extorting almost $2m worth of cryptocurrency from his company.

Plus, our thoughts about UFO’s and Chinese spy balloons!”