Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 08/01/22

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“KillNet threatens hack-and-leak op against HIMARS maker. Online investment scams hit Europe. Microsoft associates Raspberry Robin with EvilCorp. Rick Howard previews season ten of the CSO Perspectives podcast. Our guest is Nate Kharrl of SpecTrust on deploying fraud detection at the gateway. And a heartfelt farewell to a woman who’s inspiration lives on.”

“Today we continue our ICML coverage joined by Melika Payvand, a research scientist at the Institute of Neuroinformatics at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. Melika spoke at the Hardware Aware Efficient Training (HAET) Workshop, delivering a keynote on Brain-inspired hardware and algorithm co-design for low power online training on the edge. In our conversation with Melika, we explore her work at the intersection of ML and neuroinformatics, what makes the proposed architecture “brain-inspired”, and how techniques like online learning fit into the picture. We also discuss the characteristics of the devices that are running the algorithms she’s creating, and the challenges of adapting online learning-style algorithms to this hardware.”

“Our anchors start today’s show with Needham senior analyst Laura Martin breaking down last week’s FAANG earnings, and Wall Street Journal markets reporter Gunjan Banerji joins after publishing a new story on retail investors ramping up interest in tech stocks. Next, Satori Fund Founder Dan Niles discusses the potential for a recession, and CNBC’s Steve Kovach offers insight on mega-cap names flashing warning signs about the economy. Then, Bernstein analyst Stacy Rasgon joins on Intel’s Q2 results, and CNBC’s Leslie Picker reports on David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital investing in Twitter. Our Julia Boorstin also checks in on the continued expansion of the metaverse, and CNBC’s Jennifer Elias covers Google calling on employees to help drive better results. Later, CNBC’s Kate Rooney looks at cryptocurrency Ethereum’s 60% rise over the last month.”

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“Touraj Parang is the President & COO of Serve Robotics. He is a veteran Silicon Valley dealmaker, a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and M&A expert who has sat in almost every seat around the table structuring and negotiating strategic transactions since the late 1990’s, including as a corporate attorney at legal powerhouses WSGR and O’Melveny & Myers. He earned his JD from Yale Law School and his AB in Philosophy and Economics from Stanford University.”

“Ken Thompson is a legendary computer scientist who also made a seminal contribution to computer security in 1983 when he described a nifty hack that could allow an attacker to plant almost undetectable malicious code inside a C compiler. Surprisingly, it turns out a very similar hack was also used in the SolarWinds attack.”

“Jonas Nick & Tim Ruffing, bitcoin researchers and contributors at Blockstream rejoin me on the show, this time to chat about half signature aggregation. This is a scaling technique that can help scale Bitcoin and enable more transactions inside a block or help with L2 protocols.”

“Cameron Ballard joins us today to discuss his work around YouTube conspiracy theories. He revealed interesting observations about conspiracy theories on YouTube including how predatory ads are most common in conspiracy theory videos and how YouTube’s algorithm subtly works for predatory ads.”

“In this episode, Dave and Jamison answer these questions:

Do you have any advice on how to give feedback to people who don’t take critical feedback well? There’s a person who joined my team with the same job title and level as me (senior product designer/L5) more than a year ago, and since then he has shown that he not only lacks a lot of skills to be considered senior but also lacks the self-awareness to see where he falls short and how he needs to improve. There have been multiple occasions in our 1:1s where he has alluded to critical feedback he’s gotten from people on our team (including our manager) and has written it off as irrelevant or untrue, will come up with excuses for his poor performance, and will make off-hand comments about the person as a way to discount their credibility. Overall I feel like this is part of a larger display of narcissist behavior; I’ve noticed that the only time he’ll listen to suggestions is if you make it not sound critical and sandwich them in between compliments.”

“My guest on today’s episode is Kevin Thrams, who works as a Product Manager at Prysm.xyz, a super interesting tech start-up that allows people to buy NFTs together as a group. This is a fantastic way for friends and family or even random investors to come together to purchase valuable NFTs. It makes it possible for them to mitigate the risk of buying these assets alone, while still having exposure to them.”