California Becomes Third State to Pass Right to Repair

California’s Right to Repair Act, Senate Bill 244, has passed the state legislature with overwhelming support, winning a 65-0 vote in the Assembly and a 38-0 vote in the Senate. This bill, championed by state senator Susan Talamantes Eggman and cosponsored by iFixit, is the third of its kind in the United States after Minnesota and New York. These laws will collectively go into effect in 2024, giving consumers more control over their electronic devices. The California bill is unique in that it ensures repairs remain possible for longer, requiring manufacturers to provide repair materials for 3 to 7 years, depending on the product’s price range.

This legislation is significant as it challenges manufacturers’ repair monopolies and has the potential to set a precedent for other states and even countries. While it’s a big step forward for the Right to Repair movement, there are still some limitations, such as manufacturers’ ability to use software blocks and expensive assemblies for repairs. Advocates continue to fight for more repair-friendly regulations and encourage others to join the cause. Senator Eggman expressed gratitude to her colleagues, advocates, and supportive manufacturers, emphasizing that this bill benefits small repair shops, consumers’ choice, and the environment.