European Parliament Passes Landmark Artificial Intelligence Act

Parliament has approved the Artificial Intelligence Act, aiming to ensure safety, fundamental rights compliance, and innovation. The Act, backed by MEPs with 523 votes in favor, bans certain AI applications threatening citizens’ rights, such as emotion recognition in workplaces and predictive policing solely based on profiling. Law enforcement’s use of biometric identification systems is restricted, except in specific situations with strict safeguards. High-risk AI systems must assess and mitigate risks, ensure transparency, and allow citizens to submit complaints.

General-purpose AI systems must meet transparency requirements, and deepfakes need clear labeling. Measures to support innovation and SMEs include establishing regulatory sandboxes and real-world testing. Co-rapporteurs emphasized protecting rights and fostering innovation. The regulation awaits final adoption and formal endorsement by the Council, with a gradual implementation timeline. It aligns with citizens’ proposals from the Conference on the Future of Europe, focusing on competitiveness, safety, innovation, and responsible AI use.