FCC Raises Minimum Broadband Speeds to 100Mbps

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has officially increased the minimum broadband speeds from 25Mbps to 100Mbps for downloads and 3Mbps to 20Mbps for uploads. This move aims to better identify underserved areas, particularly low-income neighborhoods and rural communities. It is crucial for assessing internet adequacy across the country and determining the need for additional government funding.

The FCC plans to further raise the broadband metric to 1,000Mbps for downloads and 500Mbps for uploads in the long term. However, two Republican Commissioners dissented, arguing that newer satellite internet services like SpaceX’s Starlink, which offers high-speed internet across the US, should be considered in these benchmarks. They urged the FCC to allow Starlink to compete for federal subsidies on par with other broadband providers.