Logitech Teams with iFixit for DIY Repairs

Logitech and iFixit have partnered to reduce e-waste and support customers in repairing their out-of-warranty Logitech hardware. The collaboration involves supplying spare parts, batteries, and repair guides for select Logitech products. The iFixit Logitech Repair Hub will serve as a central platform for customers to access these resources. Initially, spare parts will be available for Logitech’s MX Master and MX Anywhere mouse models, with pricing details yet to be announced.

The iFixit Repair Hub already includes various Logitech products, and the partnership aims to expand the coverage. By promoting repair and maintenance, Logitech aims to combat the growing e-waste problem. iFixit has previously collaborated with other tech brands for similar self-repair programs, and the launch of Logitech’s program with its popular mouse models is seen as a positive step towards reducing electronic waste.