Wearable Robot Arms Behave Like Spider Legs

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed Jizai Arms, a system of robotic limbs that can be worn in a backpack. The limbs, triggered by body movements, mimic human actions with grace and flexibility. The system allows for social interaction between wearers and the possibility of exchanging arms. Apart from enhancing interactions with humanoid robots, Jizai Arms could assist individuals with mobility issues in tasks requiring dexterity.

The backpack contains sockets for four or more limbs and can be worn by two people simultaneously. The research team aims to explore the potential of wearable technology and robotics engineering for various purposes. The customizable nature of Jizai Arms allows for easy swapping between wearers. The project aligns with the goal of using technology to improve the daily lives of individuals, drawing upon the concept of cyborgs proposed half a century ago.