The Fascinating Tech That’ll Be Used at Qatar 2022

When FIFA announced Qatar as the host nation for World Cup 2022, it raised more questions than answers. Would the small but cash-rich nation be up to the task of hosting the biggest soccer competition on the planet? How would they deal with the searing temperatures of an unbearable summer in the Arab World? Would organizers have the time, funds and resources to create the infrastructure needed to host games and the thousands of fans?

Many of the questions regarding Qatar 2022 remain unanswered, and we won’t find out if Qatar is up to the job until the games get underway. FIFA and Qatar worked a way around the summer sun by postponing matches until later in the year. The competition will now be played between November and December when conditions are safer for those playing and watching football outdoors.

The nation has also made some impressive and highly ambitious moves when it comes to building the stadiums that will host matches. With the eyes of the world on Qatar, those working tirelessly behind the scenes have everything in place, allowing fans to focus on making their predictions at the top sports betting sites and scheduling their viewing.

Prepare to Be Impressed

Do you plan on jetting out to Qatar during the four weeks of football to take in a match in person at one of the jaw-dropping brand new stadiums? Perhaps a trip overseas just a few weeks before Christmas is too much to ask, and instead, you will watch games live on television and through live streaming apps.

However you choose to enjoy Qatar 2022, there will be plenty to see and even more to discuss. Some of the technology that has been proposed and will be used during the tournament caught sports fans by surprise and promises to be every bit as exciting as the play. What’s going on off the field of play could end up overshadowing the action.

In this article, we look at just some of the fascinating technology that will be used at Qatar 2022, explaining the thinking behind it and how you can use the additions to improve your football viewing experience.


With many of the matches played in the late afternoon or early evening in a bid to help further reduce temperatures during the 90 minutes, lighting will play an important role during the festival of football. This includes lighting during matches, on the approach to stadiums and at fan zones across the country. All lighting used across Qatar 2022 will be LED.

That’s because LED lighting is friendly to the environment. It helps save energy, reducing the competition’s footprint. It’s also non-toxic and has a much longer lifespan than more traditional forms of electric lighting. LED also allows for the quick changing of colour to reflect the mood and build an atmosphere. You will see the best examples of this during the opening and closing ceremonies./

Stadium design

This is something that caught our eye and could be a feature that proves to be Qatar 2022’s legacy, changing the design of sports stadiums going forward. All the arenas that will be used during the World Cup have been constructed with an envelope style design which means they use up to 40% less energy compared to other styles and venues.

This has been sold to the world as a thermally efficient envelope which cuts the demands on energy to cool the stadium for players and spectators. It also eases demands on the building’s system, making the energy used less but twice as effective. We are seeing more and more sports arenas adopting this style and design. Retractable roofs have also been added to arenas to combat severe weather, reducing energy and water use.


Sports fans like to feel connected to the game, players and other fans, and they can achieve this thanks to the WiFi arrangements for Qatar 2022. Small turbines generate energy through wind and will be used to power smartphone charging at multiple locations. The turbines also create vital shade while you wait on your device to charge, and they will also play a part in extending the WiFi coverage.