World’s Smallest Buyable Camera Is Salt Sized

The Omnivision OVM6948 CameraCubeChip® is the world’s smallest commercially available camera, measuring just 0.65 mm x 0.65 mm with a height of 1.158 mm. Developed by Omnivision, it is based on the OVM6948 sensor, which holds the Guinness Record for the world’s smallest commercially available image sensor. This tiny camera is designed for medical applications and can be mounted on instruments like guidewires, endoscopes, and catheters with diameters as small as 1.0 mm. It is ideal for procedures in narrow blood vessels and various medical fields.

Despite its small size, the OVM6948 CameraCubeChip® offers a high resolution of 200 x 200 pixels (40 KPixel backside-illuminated), producing high-quality images, especially in sensitive areas of the human body. It features backside illumination for better low-light performance, reducing LED heat generation. Its low power consumption also enhances patient comfort during longer procedures.

The camera has a wide 120-degree field of view, an extended focus range of 3 mm to 30 mm, and can capture video at up to 30 frames per second. Additionally, it can transmit analog output over 4 meters with minimal noise.