2020 Best Tech Startups in Detroit

Powered by CrunchbaseThe Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Detroit, Michigan. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to:

  1. Revenue potential
  2. Leadership team
  3. Brand/product traction
  4. Competitive landscape

Additionally, all companies must be independent (unacquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

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1. StockX


Founded: 2012

Also honored in:

“StockX is the world’s first stock market of things​ – a live ‘Bid/Ask’ marketplace. Buyers place bids, sellers place Asks and when a Bid and ask meet, the transaction happens automatically. Buy & Sell verified authentic sneakers, watches and handbags.”

2. Guardhat Technologies

Guardhat Technologies

Founded: 2014

Also honored in: 2019 Best Tech Startups in Michigan

“Forged in the presence of a fiery blast furnace melting iron at 2000˚f. Fueled by grease, will and advanced engineering. Guardhat is focused on one thing and one thing only: transforming safety in the industrial workplace.

We exist to create original, smart and pioneering solutions that can protect the hardworking men and women that countless organizations, industries and national economies depend on every day.”

3. Autobooks


Founded: 2015

Also honored in:

“82% of small businesses fail due to poor cash flow management according to a US Bank study.

Autobooks is here to help.

Autobooks is a financial technology company that produces payment and accounting software which integrates into online banking platforms. The product allows financial institutions such as banks and credit unions to add a new level of service to their small business clients, and continue to compete in a rapidly changing market.”

4. LevelEleven


Founded: 2012

Also honored in:

“LevelEleven is a sales management system that reinforces the fundamental behaviors that lead to closing business. LevelEleven’s suite of software and services allow sales executives to take high-level initiatives and break them down into controllable day-to-day activities for their salespeople. The system creates world class frontline sales managers who coach with consistency and use actionable data to drive results. With this guided selling approach, modern sales organizations maximize their ROI through increased sales productivity and CRM adoption.”

5. Quikly


Founded: 2012

Also honored in: 2019 Best Tech Startups in Detroit

“Quikly is a digital marketing platform that empowers marketers to consistently acquire, activate, and retain customers, which leads to superior ROI. Leveraging elements of consumer psychology, our solutions deliver highly effective and measurable results across nearly every marketing initiative. Quikly’s technology provides an immediate way for brands to boost digital activation and engagement within existing channels like email, social, and mobile to deliver meaningful revenue over a short period of time.

Brands like Domino’s, Microsoft, Victoria’s Secret, Express, Keds, and McDonald’s have leveraged Quikly to achieve unprecedented, immediate, and measurable results.”

6. GreenLancer


Founded: 2011

Also honored in: 2019 Best Tech Startups in Detroit

“GreenLancer is a web-based solar design firm that supplies the designs needed to build and install residential solar electric systems throughout the United States. Our services include feasibility studies, commercial and residential plan sets that are used to apply for permits, and NYC expediting.

Our online platform allows solar firms to get quotes, order, and receive services from one centralized place. For solar installers, GreenLancer is a scalable solution that provides high quality designs, quicker, and more cost effective than in-house design departments, or conventional brick-and-mortar design firms.”

7. Waymark


Founded: 2010

Also honored in:

“Waymark is an art and technology company that creates smart marketing tools to grow businesses and drive more traffic to websites.

We started this company because we know that winning new customers is a critical challenge for small, local businesses. We believe local businesses deserve digital ads that make them proud – so we’re changing the way they advertise online by using technology to build one-of-a-kind Facebook and Instagram video ads that feature their own best work.”

8. Benzinga


Founded: 2011

Also honored in:

“We help millions of people improve their trading and investing results each month by providing superior market information, data and tools. Benzinga gives traders and investors the edge needed to profit in the markets. We are devoted to the ambitious mission of transforming the financial industry and empowering the individual investor.

Our KICK ASS team works and hustles harder than anyone! We are looking for folks with the fire and determination to not just work, but to build a company. Individuals who can take a vision, and build towards it…not just take tasks from a higher power. The search for the driven, dedicated, and self-starting Zingers to help propel Benzinga to the next level is on!”

9. Sweet


Founded: 2015

“Americans will overpay by $60B this year for phone service. We’ll help you find out if you are, and get you a Sweet deal. Our customers save over $300/yr on average.”

10. AaDya Security

AaDya Security

Founded: 2019

“Our goal is to simplify security for the small and midsize business customer. We are different from other security providers that use fear to sell its products. And unlike expensive point products, our costs are inline with SMB budgets. AaDya customers get a white glove approach to information security and IT.”