Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 09/26/22

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“As protests spread, authorities have shut down mobile internet service, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The consequences could be tragic.”

“Last night NASA completed a first-of-its-kind mission to steer a spacecraft into an asteroid. The asteroid was not hurtling toward Earth, threatening to wipe out civilization, and the goal was not to blast it to smithereens, “Armageddon” style, but rather to give it enough of a bump to slightly change course. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART, took aim at a small asteroid called Dimorphos, which is about 11 school buses wide. It’s orbiting a bigger asteroid called Didymos, about 7 million miles from Earth. Marketplace’s Meghan McCarty Carino spoke with Nancy Chabot, DART mission coordination lead at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, about the mission.”

“For truly sustainable long-term growth, you must prioritize your mission over your product — even if that means letting your product go. Noom founder and CEO Saeju Jeong has repeatedly turned his back on successful products in the name of his mission to help as many people as possible live healthier lives. In this episode, Saeju brings to life many of these make-or-break moments, and how his dedication to mission has driven his scale journey.”

“One of the more interesting quirks of the modern tech world is that there’s a really important company at the center of it all that doesn’t make anything. But its work is in your phone, in your TV, your car and maybe even your laptop. I’m talking about ARM, a chip design company that’s been through quite a lot these past few years, and I’m talking to Arm CEO Rene Haas.

Arm designs the instruction sets for modern chips: Qualcomm’s chips are Arm chips. Apple’s chips are Arm chips. Samsung’s chips are Arm chips. It’s the heart of modern computing. Arm licenses the instruction set to those companies, who then go off and actually make chips with all sorts of customizations. Basically every smartphone runs an Arm processor, Apple’s Macs now run arm processors, and everything from cars to coffee machines are showing up with more and more arm processors in them.”

“More companies are turning to surveillance software to monitor white-collar workers. But this tech doesn’t always create the productivity boost that managers hope to see. WSJ tech columnist Christopher Mims joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss how monitoring software works and why it can fall short of its promises.”

“It finally happened. In the words of the Ethereum Foundation, ETH is now “ready for its interstellar voyage,” having transitioned from proof of work to proof of stake. With no centralized authority insisting on a ship date, we’re witnessing a feat. We’re all wondering what comes next.

The Great Debate about hybrid and remote work continues. Is the decentralized talent movement winning? What can we do to prevent cabin fever? What do government workers do with their laptops if they need to cross the border?

The semiconductor chip shortage hasn’t ended yet, but some companies seem to be hurting more than others. What gives?

We conclude with a reflection on the new Apple Watch—and whether it can actually save our lives.”

“In this episode, I discuss the ever prominent question of “What is a real hacker?” in explicitly explicit language. So enjoy the discussion and give me your thoughts. This topic always gets peoples feathers ruffled, so agree, disagree? Leave your thoughts or post your own segment on HPR!”

“J+M break down the British pound dropping below $1.04 (5:15), Interpol issuing a red notice for Do Kwon (27:07), NASA’s DART mission (53:52), and TikTok discussing an agreement with the Biden administration! (59:44)”

“Samsung has launched two credit cards in India, entering a crowded category that sees over 50 companies fiercely compete for consumers’ attention in the world’s second largest internet market.”

“Unrest in Iran finds expression in cyberspace. Albania explains its reasons for severing relations with Iran. Cybercrime in the hybrid war. Rick Howard on risk forecasting with data scientists. Dave Bittner sits down with Dr. Bilyana Lilly to discuss her new book: “Russian Information Warfare: Assault on Democracies in the Cyber Wild West.”And there seems to have been an arrest in the Uber and Rockstar breaches.”