This Week in Tech – 1/28/2018: Democrats Criticize The Amazon HQ2 Bidding War

Democrats Criticize The Amazon HQ2 Bidding War

In September 2017, the e-commerce giant Amazon announced it would be building a second headquarters, dubbed HQ2. In a blog post published on their official website, the company details its needs and goals, claiming the second headquarters will include as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs. This maneuver is meant to supplement the existing Seattle headquarters

Tesla’s Giant Battery in Australia Made Around $1 Million in Just a Few Days

Tesla’s 100MW/ 129MWh Powerpack project in South Australia, the largest in the world for now, has been demonstrating its capacity over the last few weeks since going into operation last month. But now the system is showing its potential to be highly profitable by making an estimated $1 million AUD (~$800,000 USD) in just a few days. The Powerpack system built by Tesla and operated by Neoen as part of their nearby wind farm is used on two different levels

Integral Memory’s New 512GB microSD Card Is the Biggest microSD Card Yet

There’s a new king of the microSD card: Integral Memory’s 512GB microSD card, which packs a record breaking full half-terabyte of storage into the diminutive card format. You definitely should try not to lose it

Cyberdyne’s Medical Exoskeleton Strides to FDA Approval

Cyberdyne, the Japanese robotics company with the slightly suspicious name, has just gotten approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin offering its HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) lower-body exoskeleton to users in the United States through licensed medical facilities. HAL is essentially a walking robot that you strap to your own legs; sensors attached to your leg muscles detect bioelectric signals sent from your brain to your muscles telling them to move, and then the exoskeleton powers up and assists, enhancing your strength and stability

One Person Already Accidentally Shoplifted at Amazon’s New Cashierless Grocery Store

Amazon’s cashierless store of the future opened yesterday to great fanfare. It required over a year of R&D while the company’s tech savants perfected the cutting-edge automation used by Amazon Go’s no-line shopping method (things like computer vision, sensor fusion, and so-called “deep learning”). Basically, an inordinate number of cameras capture the store’s every angle, allowing customers to enter empty-handed, then exit with bags full of sandwiches, wine, soda, individual-serving-size granola bars, and a thousand other things — all of which the cameras, in theory, detect

Your iPhone 8 or iPhone X Battery Could Wear Out in About 18 Months

If you’ve recently bought a new iPhone, then you might be looking on at the whole iPhone throttling debacle that Apple has found itself embroiled in and think that you’ve dodged a bullet. But the battery inside your new iPhone 8 or iPhone X might be worn out in under a couple of years

Bill Gates Thinks AI Taking Everyone’s Jobs Could Be a Good Thing

Bill Gates, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, thinks that artificial intelligence will take over a lot of jobs and ultimately will be a good thing. In an interview with Fox Business, Gates said that robots taking over our jobs will make us more efficient, and lead to more free time

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