2021 Best Tech Startups in Birmingham

Powered by CrunchbaseThe Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Birmingham, Alabama. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to:

  1. Revenue potential
  2. Leadership team
  3. Brand/product traction
  4. Competitive landscape

Additionally, all companies must be independent (unacquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

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1. NXTsoft


Founded: 2017

Also honored in:

“NXTsoft builds and grows companies using management’s core strengths in sales and marketing, software development, business scaling, and capital access. Our current focus is concentrated in Risk Management, which includes Cybersecurity, Compliance and Risk Analytics.”

2. Fleetio


Founded: 2011

Also honored in:

“Our software helps organizations around the world track, analyze and improve their fleet operations. We’re passionate about making it easy to manage a fleet so our customers can spend more time focusing on their mission.”

3. University Fancards

University Fancards

Founded: 2015

Also honored in: 2020 Best Tech Startups in Alabama

“University Fancards, headquartered in Birmingham, AL, offers sports fans a unique way to connect with their team through everyday purchases. Fancards offers fans two Mastercard® products: an open-loop gift card and a prepaid reloadable card. Our 25 teams include: Alabama Crimson Tide, Arizona Wildcats, Army Black Knights, Auburn Tigers, Boise State Broncos, Cal Golden Bears, Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, Houston Cougars, Louisville Cardinals, Miami Hurricanes, Michigan Wolverines, Michigan State Spartans, Mississippi State Bulldogs, North Carolina Tar Heels, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Ole Miss Rebels, South Carolina Gamecocks, Southern Cal Trojans, Tennessee Volunteers, Texas Longhorns, Texas A&M Aggies, Texas Tech Red Raiders, Virginia Tech Hokies, and West Virginia Mountaineers.”

4. Joonko


Founded: 2016

Also honored in:

“Joonko (Techstars ‘16, Salesforce Incubator ’17) is on a mission to push real diversity in companies to the next level. We’re solving diversity and inclusion challenges using Artificial Intelligence, in real-time, while delivering measurable results that can move the needle for our customers. We call it #AI4DnI.

Estimations are that US companies spend and lose more than $70 billion a year on and due to diversity programs, training and consulting, with low success rate.”

5. Wyndy


Founded: 2016

Also honored in:

“Founded in 2016 and based in Birmingham, Alabama, Wyndy is a mobile application transforming the way parents and background-checked college sitters meet and interact.”

6. Case Status

Case Status

Founded: 2017

Also honored in: 2020 Best Tech Startups in Alabama

“Case Status is an app/software that connects attorneys and their clients. Case Status allows clients to see the status of their cases in real-time, it facilitates easy communication between attorneys and their clients, it sets forth each stage of the case so clients know what to expect, and it allows clients to easily text or email their attorney’s contact information to others with a click of a button.

Case Status is designed to save attorneys an immense amount of time by drastically cutting down the need for time-consuming phone calls, meetings and emails. Further, Case Status vastly improves the overall attorney-client relationship. In the midst of their cases, clients often times feel anxious. Case Status helps alleviate this pain point by allowing clients to feel constantly connected to their attorneys. Further, Case Status enables clients to see what is going on in their case at any time, and it makes it clear what to expect.”

7. QuantHUB


Founded: 2018

Also honored in:

“According to IBM/Burning Glass, there are more openings for analytics talent than there are data professionals in existence! Beyond that, the World Economic Forum estimates the average enterprise employee needs 101 days of upskilling to meet workforce skill demands by 2023.

Technology is driving our world into the digital revolution, but people are getting left behind. QuantHub helps companies develop their strongest asset in this revolution: their people. We provide an efficient yet rigorous vetting platform for hiring data professionals and a modern, in the flow of work, learning platform focused on both AI skills for analytics teams and data literacy skills for the entire enterprise.”

8. Mixtroz


Founded: 2014

Also honored in:

“Mixtroz (which stands for “mixer” + “intro”) was created by mother-daughter duo Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons when they recognized that people have a hard time making meaningful connections at events. And, this problem isn’t new, it was coined in the 1950’s as “homophily” basically “birds of a feather flock together” OR as we’ve seen event-goers in the digital age engage with profiles over people!!!

Today, Mixtroz services events, meetings, trainings, orientations, weddings, you name it where 25 or more are gathered. We use technology to make human connection simpler, better and more satisfying increasing engagement and collecting data for you.”


Influencer (INFLCR)

Founded: 2017

Also honored in:

“You have 1000s of brand ambassadors for your college sports team whose social media accounts combine to have a unique audience that is 10x bigger than your team’s social media account audiences. However, most athletic teams are not utilizing the reach these ambassadors have to grow their brand. INFLCR allows brands and brand ambassadors to tell their story together on social media.”

10. Swell Fundraising

swell fundraising

Founded: 2012

Also honored in:

“Swell powers the strongest online and event fundraising campaigns. Easy to use, affordable tools help nonprofits unlock donors and provide a wonderful experience for donors, guests and fundraisers. We are more than software. We are nonprofit practitioners on a mission to help nonprofits get online!”

11. IllumiCare


Founded: 2014

“IllumiCare Smart Ribbons are non-intrusive ribbons of information that hover over a hospital’s electronic medical record, without EMR integration, and give providers real-time, patient-specific and cost and patient risk data about the patient concurrently being viewed in the electronic medical record.”