Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 03/13/23

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“Coping with Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse. BatLoader’s abusing Google Search Ads. More on Emotet’s re-emergence. Reflections on Medusa rising. An international law enforcement action against NetWire. Rob Shapland from Falanx Cyber on ethical hacking and red teaming. Bryan Ware from LookingGlass looks at exploited vulnerabilities in the US financial sector. And in Ukraine, it’s more-or-less quiet on the cyber front (but in Estonia and Georgia, not so much).”

“Tech moved decidedly higher Monday following the U.S. government’s decision to backstop Silicon Valley Bank’s depositors – why, what that tells us about tech investors, and what comes next.”

“What are the reasons why we need to improve performance? The JVM is a powerful piece of software – this is the reason why Java has maintained its popularity over the past 26+ years. But… there are some ways that the JVM works that can impact the performance of your applications.

One of the biggest challenges is latency – how quickly can we respond to a request from a user to access your application. That comes down to garbage collection – which leads to pauses and a bad customer experience. Garbage collection pauses can vary. But they impact application performance. The bigger the heap, the longer your pauses…but how do you optimize? What about warm-up time? That’s also a big challenge. We’ve addressed these problems without re-writing code from scratch – and that leads to better Java performance without any code changes.

This episode explores how you can use a performance JVM to make applications start fast, go fast, and stay fast.”

“ChatGPT has made a mark on the world as we know it, but that’s only the tip of the AI iceberg. Join us as we discuss how the field of artificial intelligence is growing – including some developments that might not be on your radar!”

“PeopleGrove confirmed Thursday that it’s investigating after a security lapse exposed users’ personal information online.”

“On this week’s episode of the Window’s Central Podcast, Dan and Zac discuss Bing Chat AI helping Microsoft Bing hit 100m daily active users, the Surface Laptop Studio 2 leak, the return of classic Taskbar features on Windows 11, Sony showing it’s true colors, and more!”

“If you want to know what’s happening with your code, track errors and monitor performance with Sentry. Sentry’s Application Monitoring platform helps developers see performance issues, fix errors faster, and optimize their code health. Cut your time on error resolution from hours to minutes. It works with any language and integrates with dozens of other services. Syntax listeners new to Sentry can get two months for free by visiting Sentry.io and using the coupon code TASTYTREAT during sign up.”

“Representative Darin LaHood’s claim that he was the subject of so-called “backdoor” searches comes at a dicey moment for the bureau.”

“You won’t believe the ultimate fix for your streaming struggles! Plus, discover how I helped a husband find the perfect phone for his disabled wife and the top 5 signs you desperately need a new phone. But wait, there’s more – my favorite puns that will have you grinning from ear to ear!”

“It’s getting easier and easier to talk to machines, from digital voice assistants like Siri and Alexa to the latest generation of AI chatbots. Natural language processing technology has made it possible to engage in pretty humanlike conversations with some forms of artificial intelligence. But can a bot ever really “get” us? Marketplace’s Meghan McCarty Carino spoke with Aniket Bera, an associate professor of computer science at Purdue University, who is trying to teach emotional intelligence to artificial intelligence.”