Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 10/24/22

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“Morgen Rochard of Origin WA joins the show to chat about the world of financial planning and more:

  • Bitcoin allocation percentages
  • Monetary uncertainty
  • “Making your money work for you”
  • Why you want to live in a Bitcoin world
  • Negative real yield
  • Living within your means”

“Be careful who you insult on Twitter. They might retaliate like Elon Musk. Plus, why short-sightedness is growing, funny questions to ask Siri, how to control your TV with your voice, the biggest AI fails, iris-scanning tech is coming to more devices and the shocking story behind Amazon’s suicide kits. Also, don’t leave old phones lying around. They could catch fire!”

“Mutiny (YC S18) uses AI and data to convert website visitors into customers. Today, the fastest growing B2B companies such as Notion and Snowflake use Mutiny to identify ideal customers, determine sections of websites that will increase conversion, and produce copy that converts visitors into customers.

YC’s Anu Hariharan sat down with Mutiny co-founder and CEO Jaleh Rezaei to talk about their recent acquisition of Intellipse, an AI marketing platform, as well as how AI will impact the next era of growth.”

“Peter Gloor, a Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, takes us on a new world of tribe classification. He extensively discussed the need for such classification on the internet and how he built a machine learning model that does it. Listen to find out more!”

“As data leaders continue to fill their talent gap, how should they approach sourcing, retaining, and upskilling their talent? What strategies should data leaders adopt in order to accomplish their talent goals and become data-driven?

Kyle Winterbottom joins the show to talk about the key differentiators between data teams that build talent-dense teams and those that do not. Kyle is the host of Driven by Data: The Podcast, the Founder & CEO of Orbition, a talent solutions provider, for scaling Data, Analytics, & Artificial Intelligence teams across the UK, Europe and the USA. As an accomplished expert and thought leader in talent acquisition, attraction, and retention, as well as scaling data teams, Kyle was named one of Data IQ’s 100 Most Influential People in Data for 2022.

In this episode, we talk about how data teams can position themselves to attract top talent, how to properly articulate how data team members are adding value to the business, how organizations can accidentally set data leaders up to fail, how to approach upskilling, and how data leaders can create an employer branding narrative to attract top talent.”

“Despite the climate crisis accelerating, technologists believe cutting-edge solutions can save our planet. But will climate tech be able to scale up fast enough to offer real change, or is it just a diversion from real climate solutions? FT columnist and climate journalist Pilita Clark takes stock of the latest moonshot efforts from direct air carbon capture to nuclear fusion, and asks some challenging questions to the engineers, investors, and entrepreneurs behind them.”

“Media companies probably get hacked no more than other, non-media oriented organizations such as hospitals, banks, etc. But these hacks are often more visible and more memorable because… well, media companies are more public facing by their very nature. How can these organizations be hacked, and why should we care about such attacks? Nate Nelson spoke with Joel Molinoff, former chief information risk officer for CBS Corporation, and Dan Vasile, former vice president of information security at Paramount.”

“I once tried a digital detox. It failed miserably.

When I realized I was distracted during quality time with my daughter, I blamed my smartphone and made some extreme changes.

I replaced my smartphone with an old-school flip phone so I couldn’t be tempted to use email, Instagram, and Twitter. But I found it too difficult to get around without GPS and the addresses saved inside my calendar app. I missed listening to audiobooks while I walked, as well as all the other handy things my smartphone could do.”

“YouTube is raising prices for its Premium subscription plans across many countries including the US, the UK, Canada, and Argentina.”

“Vice Society has a superpower that’s allowed it to quietly carry out attacks on schools and hospitals around the world: mediocrity.”