How Netsuite Can Help You, as Told by Real People

Oracle’s Netsuite is the leading cloud-based accounting software in the world. There are tons of websites and blogs out there telling you why you should use it for ERP, but there’s nothing like hearing from real people who have tried it successfully for their real business needs. We’ve compiled a list of testimonials from around the web from actual customers that will help you make your final decision:

Jake from Qualtrics (switched from QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise)

Netsuite is the most convenient and professional accounting service out there.

I recently switched over to Netsuite and I have really enjoyed it so far. It seemed like I picked it up after only a few days of using it. It is a great tool for our team of accountants to use.

I love the ability to save custom searches in Netsuite. With hundreds of employees using Netsuite in my company, being able to save certain searches for exactly what I am looking for is extremely convenient and awesome. I also love the layout. I recently switched over to Netsuite from a new job and picked it up fairly quickly due to the simple layout.”

Adeoye from City of Seat Pleasant

“Great cloud based system.

It just made everything faster and more efficient. Purchase orders, invoices, and reports could all be done electronically and without much effort. There was a system log to hold people accountable. Anything late, altered, changed, etc. could be seen and noted (date, person, and time, down to the second). Departments no longer had to wait for a meeting to know their budgets. They could log in and see the numbers in real time. The customer service team always responded fast and helped me with the problems I had. We could also store invoices and check copies onto their secured server. So basically, this helped the office become more efficient, while also going green.

The fact that it is cloud based helped me solve a lot of problems when I was not physically in my office. If I was sick, on vacation, or away from the office at night, I could still answer questions. I didn’t need to drive in and log into the software that was on the company server.

In Netsuite’s pitch they just had more to offer. They met with us in person, showed us the product, and just made a better connection.”

Joy from Waxing Poetic

“Before NetSuite, we were split between separate programs. NetSuite allowed us to do all our business in one program – customer service, order processing, inventory, purchasing, shipping, and accounting. It is able to integrate with many other programs, allowing for (mostly) seamless order sync’ing and live inventory levels, something that is essential with a company selling wholesale, retail, and direct to consumer.

It has great reporting and searching tools, combines all company needs (customer records, transactions, accounting, inventory), is easy to integrate with most major programs, is highly customizable, is easy to assign “roles” to employees to only access what they need in their positions, and has mostly easy to use and informative help section.

We had to use Fishbowl with Quickbooks, and this integrated all of our business needs into one program. Much more efficient, easier to use, and allows for simpler reporting.”

Bethanne from Nelbud

NetSuite is the best accounting/program out there!!

Makes invoicing fast and very easy. Lots of options and it’s easy to customize this software to make it work for your company and what you are invoicing.

NetSuite can do so many things. It is the easiest program I have ever used for invoicing. It has a lot of different options to choose from that you can utilize. You can tell it to tax a customer/parent company, or you can tell it that the company is tax exempt. So every time you do an invoice for that company, it will automatically add or not add the tax. There is even a “file” section where you can upload forms like tax exempt forms or customer contracts. And it is so easy to bring up a company and see all of the invoices that we have ever made for them in a list. It has made our invoicing streamlined and very straight forward. This software has so many options, it’s crazy. If anyone in our accounting department can think of something that would be helpful to us on the invoice that is not already there, the president of our company can go into the “background” of the software and add and delete fields from our invoicing templates. Love this program!!!”

Brett from RSM US LLP

Netsuite rocks.

I like so many things about Netsuite. The robust features that come out of the box are great. I like the abundance of add-on modules and SuiteApps available. I especially like the fact that Netsuite is very customizable to meet your business needs and will often time help you improve you business processes.”

Steve from Ready Seal, Inc.

“Great ERP software.

We use NetSuite for inventory manufacturing and control. It is great for tracking all raw materials all the way through final product. We also use it for all our accounting and bookkeeping. The system runs quickly, and it’s easy to pull up any account or item.

The accounting and inventory portions of the software are great. Easy to setup and use.”

Julie from GoSpotCheck (recognized in our 2021 Best Tech Startups in Denver)

“Robust system that’s also fairly intuitive.

Netsuite is a robust product that make searching and reporting easy. There is a way to report on anything in anyway you need.

Netsuite is fairly intuitive for being such a complex system. I also really love the Sandbox capability. I love being able to mess around and try things without actually affecting the books. It also integrates with just about every finance product I’ve ever been interested in.”

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