Max Gallardo of Galaxis

An exclusive Tech Tribune Q&A with Max Gallardo, the founder and CEO of Galaxis, which was honored in our:
Tell us the origin story of Galaxis – what problem were you trying to solve and why?

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2010. Saturday at 3AM. Alejandro Radetic’s residence. Woke up to an idea that would change the internet’s advertising model forever. My friend was a musician and struggling to make money with it, so I started working on a new platform that would offer a lot more than then-current platforms and introduce a better way to monetize content.

What was the biggest hurdle you encountered in your journey?

After a decade of me trying to build Galaxis and encountering nothing but countless people trying to scam me, waste my time, and ask for money I didn’t have to help me produce Galaxis, I met Sanjar (CTO) in Q1 2020. He invested $100k in development and we were able to produce a lot more professional materials, work on getting our message out there, and build the MVP. The biggest hurdle was definitely not having a 1-stop shop to look up and connect with investors and founders, as well as check the legitimacy of their projects.

What does the future hold for Galaxis?

We’ve designed technologies that can monetize every copyright in ways never seen before. We’ve got a social network infrastructure capable of creating its own individual networks with geared features towards each subject, whether it’s business, politics, or science. We’ve got technologies that could potentially make .com and Facebook obsolete. Of course, while part of that is technically true, the other part is my hopes of what it can become.

What are your thoughts on the local tech startup scene in St. Petersburg?

I don’t know much of it. I have not had luck with the local people.

What’s your best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t let the overinflated egos of investors put you down. More often than not, they do not know better than you about your specialized subject.


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