2023 Best Tech Startups in Pittsburgh

Powered by CrunchbaseThe Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to:

  1. Revenue potential
  2. Leadership team
  3. Brand/product traction
  4. Competitive landscape

Additionally, all companies must be independent (unacquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

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1. RoadRunner Recycling

RoadRunner Recycling

Founded: 2014

Also honored in:

“We are an innovative & sustainable material management company built on world-class technology For the Greener Good.™”

2. Gecko Robotics

Gecko Robotics

Founded: 2016

Also honored in:

“Gecko Robotics (Gecko) collects and makes useful physical data to protect civilization’s most critical infrastructure. Gecko’s robotic platforms perform fast, safe, and accurate industrial inspections yielding high quality deliverables. Asset owners across the globe are armed with data to make critical maintenance decisions.”

3. Everest Infrastructure Partners

Everest Infrastructure Partners

Founded: 2015

Also honored in: 

“Everest Infrastructure Partners owns and markets thousands of wireless infrastructure locations that help connect today’s rapidly evolving communications networks. We are a team of industry veterans with expertise in delivering mission-critical infrastructure solutions to hundreds of network operator customers. We are one of the largest tower companies in the U.S., and we are excited to help support the incredible potential of emerging technologies in the next generation of wireless networks.

Everest currently markets more than 4,000 locations with vertical real estate available to network providers.”

4. Locomation


Founded: 2016

Also honored in: 2022 Best Tech Startups in Pittsburgh

“Locomation was founded in 2018 by a team of the world’s foremost experts on autonomous vehicles, robotics, and artificial intelligence from Carnegie Mellon’s National Robotics Engineering Center and trucking industry leaders with deep knowledge and experience in every aspect of the trucking business.

We are motivated by the challenge of solving problems that have hindered the trucking industry for decades. Trucks transport more than 70% of the nation’s freight. E-commerce has sharply increased the need for freight trucking services. Demand is expected to grow 36% between 2020 and 2031.1 At a time when demand has never been stronger, persistent driver shortages create capacity constraints that force carriers to turn down orders.”

5. iraLogix


Founded: 2015

“iraLogix is redefining the IRA industry through unique, technology driven solutions that help our clients grow their business and better serve their customer’s IRA accounts. Our groundbreaking proprietary technology platform offers open architecture for investment options, custody and advice providers, allowing access to institutionally priced IRAs for everyone, regardless of account size.”

6. Peptilogics


Founded: 2013

“We are a clinical-stage biotechnology company revolutionizing the discovery and development process for novel peptide therapeutics for patients with serious and life-threatening diseases. Combining the untapped potential of peptide biology with the power of machine learning, we strive to scale our drug design approach and usher in the next generation of peptide therapeutics through precision engineering and design. Our lead peptide therapeutic, PLG0206, is a novel, broad-spectrum anti-infective currently being investigated in clinical studies as a potential treatment for prosthetic joint infection, a historically difficult-to-treat condition with a severe unmet need.”

7. Idelic


Founded: 2016

Also honored in: 2022 Best Tech Startups in Pittsburgh

“Idelic is a safety and operations focused software provider born from the trucking industry and infused with modern innovation and entrepreneurship. We know our customers and understand their needs because we’ve been there.

Idelic Safety Suite, our flagship product, allows safety managers and their teams to automate compliance processes, integrate all of their systems, and gain valuable insight and analytics on their drivers, terminals, and overall operations. Armed with these tools, you can prescribe proactive actions before accidents happen.

We are a team of experienced industry and technical experts and understand your specific industry and safety needs. We don’t over-engineer our products and pride ourselves on listening to our customers by providing solutions tailored to solve their real problems.”

8. Innovu


Founded: 2014

Also honored in: 

“Innovu was founded on the belief that by bringing together vast silos of data, we can unlock powerful knowledge to solve complex challenges in new ways. We securely, accurately, and seamlessly integrate all forms of disparate data to create a consolidated “single-truth” of information.

Innovu empowers employers and their benefit advisors to solve complex problems associated with optimizing the cost, quality, and efficacy of healthcare and benefits programs. Our cloud-based solutions unlock powerful information contained in silos of benefits data, giving CEOs, CFOs, and the human resources team scorecards and insights needed to make data-driven decisions.”

9. Abridge


Founded: 2018

“Abridge powers better care delivery experiences for everyone. Structure, summarize, and get insights on any healthcare conversation — all through Abridge’s medical AI.”

10. Apollo Neuroscience

Apollo Neuroscience

Founded: 2016

“The only wearable that doesn’t just track your sleep, it actively improves it 💤 through silent, soothing vibrations. Developed by neuroscientists and physicians. Better health through better sleep.”

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