2021 Best Tech Startups in Pennsylvania

Powered by CrunchbaseThe Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Pennsylvania. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to:

  1. Revenue potential
  2. Leadership team
  3. Brand/product traction
  4. Competitive landscape

Additionally, all companies must be independent (unacquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

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1. goPuff


Founded: 2013

Also honored in: 

“goPuff delivers everyday essentials, from cleaning supplies, home needs and OTC medications to food and drinks in just minutes. With our own centrally located facilities in every local market we serve, goPuff delivers thousands of products quickly for a flat $1.95 delivery charge. goPuff is open 24/7 in most areas and late night everywhere else to bring you what you need, when you need it most.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, goPuff was founded in 2013 and currently operates over 200 facilities in 500+ cities across the U.S., including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., and many more.”

2. Duolingo


Founded: 2011

Also honored in:

“Duolingo is the world’s most popular way to learn a language. Our mission is to make education free and accessible to all.

Founded in 2011 by Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker, the company is valued at $1.5B. It is the most downloaded education app in the history of the App Store and in 2019 became the top-grossing education app worldwide. The app has been awarded Apple’s iPhone App of the Year and Android’s Best of the Best.”

3. Petuum


Founded: 2016

Also honored in:

“Petuum provides innovative industry solutions with the most advanced artificial intelligence methodologies that have been out of reach for most businesses. Our products solve complex real-world challenges that traditional techniques have failed to solve in a simple, cost-effective manner. These are operationalized by world-class AI experts and deep subject matter specialists, on the Petuum AI Symphony platform, which delivers distributed computing and parallelized data processing as well as machine learning and deep learning workflows, at scale in every environment.”

4. Everest Infrastructure Partners

Everest Infrastructure Partners

Founded: 2015

“Everest Infrastructure Partners owns and markets thousands of wireless infrastructure locations that help connect today’s rapidly evolving communications networks. We are a team of industry veterans with expertise in delivering mission-critical infrastructure solutions to hundreds of network operator customers. We are one of the largest tower companies in the U.S., and we are excited to help support the incredible potential of emerging technologies in the next generation of wireless networks.

Everest currently markets more than 4,000 locations with vertical real estate available to network providers.”

5. United Fiber & Data

United Fiber & Data

Founded: 2012

Also honored in:

“United Fiber & Data (UFD) is a privately held telecommunications company focused on providing secure, high-capacity, geographically diverse fiber optic connections and fully managed optical wavelength services in the northeastern United States. United Fiber & Data provides high-capacity pathway diversity far from the congestion and single points of failure associated with the I-95 corridor. United Fiber & Data’s diverse fiber optic network includes a wholly owned and operated high fiber count metro network including over 70 miles of laterals with over 375 buildings on net in New York City and a newly constructed long-haul fiber route of more than 400 miles connecting New York City and Ashburn, Virginia.”

6. RoadRunner Recycling

RoadRunner Recycling

Founded: 2014

Also honored in:

“RoadRunner makes recycling massively more efficient for businesses in the United States. Using powerful technology, we help businesses recover valuable materials – and earn money back – from their waste and recycling streams. We deliver unheard of value to retailers with small and medium size store footprints, as well as building operators of all sizes and varieties.

Businesses who engage with RoadRunner save 15-45% while recycling more, sending less to landfill and reducing their carbon footprint by 80%. It’s a big opportunity – for our customers, for our team members, and for our planet. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited to talk trash with anyone who will listen.”

7. Guru


Founded: 2013

Also honored in:

“Guru is a collaborative knowledge management solution where answers find you–everywhere, every time.

By empowering these teams in-context with the knowledge they need to respond to customer questions, they can stop spending time hunting down information and instead focus on what matters most — their customers.”

8. Trice Medical

Trice Medical

Founded: 2011

“Trice Medical™ was founded to fundamentally improve orthopedic diagnostics for the patient, physician, and payer by providing instant, eyes-on, answers. Trice has pioneered fully integrated camera-enabled technologies that provide a clinical solution that is optimized for the physicians office. Our mission is to provide more immediate and definitive patient care, eliminating the false reads associated with current indirect modalities and significantly reduce the overall cost to the healthcare system.”

9. Mobilion Systems

Mobilion Systems

Founded: 2015

“MOBILion’s technology makes it easy to separate, identify and analyze the most challenging molecules that other instruments fail to detect. Our higher resolution, faster analysis and simpler workflows reveal molecules that are most important in characterizing biologic therapeutics, discovering biomarkers, and improving the accuracy of diagnostic tests. We make today’s treatment’s safer and more effective, empower tomorrow’s disease prediction and diagnosis, and accelerate the development of new therapies.”

10. Gecko Robotics

Gecko Robotics

Founded: 2016

Also honored in:

“Gecko Robotics (Gecko) make inspection robots for industrial services, starting with inspections. Our technology and services perform safe, fast, and accurate inspections on civilizations’​ most critical infrastructure. Gecko’s wall climbing robots and inspection teams perform non-destructive testing for clients across the globe.”