Supercomputer Instantly Calculates What Would Take Rivals 47 Years

Google has developed a quantum computer that can perform calculations much faster than traditional supercomputers. A new paper by Google researchers claims that their latest quantum technology surpasses the capabilities of classical supercomputers. Quantum computers, which rely on the principles of quantum physics, have the potential to address significant challenges such as climate change and drug discovery. However, they also pose a threat to encryption systems and are considered a national security concern. Google’s previous claim of achieving “quantum supremacy” was disputed by rivals, but this new paper aims to settle the debate.

The new quantum computer has 70 qubits, making it 241 million times more powerful than its 53-qubit predecessor. The researchers demonstrated that it would take 47.2 years for the world’s leading supercomputer to match the latest quantum computer’s calculation, compared to 6.18 seconds for the 2019 quantum machine. The researchers also assert that their quantum computer outperforms a similar device from a Chinese lab. Critics argue that the task used for comparison lacks practical value beyond academic study. Quantum experts acknowledge this achievement but emphasize the need for quantum computers to demonstrate more practical applications that deliver value to society.